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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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2017 Certificate from IQAA


We have a very strong infrastructure to deal with just about any technology that can be dreamed up for educational purposes. We also are able to provide a lot of services that surpass the capabilities of most schools.

Some of what we currently use and provide are listed below:

At School

  • Every classroom is equipped with either an computer interactive white board, a television or a projector, depending of what technology would best convey the content being taught in that class.
  • The campus is covered by a state of the art Wi-Fi network from Neotel.
  • All of our presentation and meeting venues have high quality full HD projectors.
  • The TMC Coffee Shop has been equipped with a projector and DSTV as well as Wi-Fi for our visitors.
  • We have 7 computer labs spread out across the school.
  • Lego Robots are being used in various phases of the school to help introduce young children to the concepts of programming.
  • TMC is one of the pilot schools in the IEB Exam Portal. This allows our concession students to write their official IEB exams on a computer.
  • All connections to the Internet are filtered through our proxy server to ensure that no unsavoury content is accessed by the students.
  • Through a system of various electronic boards, we are able to display reminders to parents, as well as providing scoring facilities on various fields.
  • TMC has a system of backup generators.
  • TMC can also electronically track the children during our Long Walk every year.

Outside the School

  • TMC Parents get to enjoy having access to all the latest information that you need to know about your child and the school with the use of our Parent Portal. End of term reports, statements, medical information and contact information are all available here.
  • TMC Students get access to the Student Portal, where work can be set by teachers, extra revision can be downloaded and work can be handed in for certain projects. Time tables and various information about being a student at TMC can also be obtained.
  • All students from Grade 4 and up get access to their own logins to the school system, which will include access to the Student Portal, computers and email.
  • Liftclub is a program that helps facilitate parents being able to set up lifts.
  • Information is available to parents at a moments notice by checking with our D6 Communicator or by accessing our weekly Newsletter.
  • A system of Google Calendars is also available to get a concise picture of what is coming up for your children.


  • TMC strives to integrate technology only where it makes sense, as such we progress from a policy of tight control of devices like tablets in our Foundation Phase, to a more creative approach in the Senior Primary and finally to a policy of Bring Your Own Device in the High School.
  • Textbooks and E-Books are available to our students where available.
  • Through our mixture of On-Site and Cloud services, all portals and content is available on the student devices.
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