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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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animated Parent Portal features

Whilst our website has information available for a wide audience, we have a very unique place for our current parents to be able to receive personalised information relevant to themselves and their children. In today's digital age, it is great to be able to keep up with information changes, and be able to get the information you require quickly.

You will receive personalised login details by email as soon as you are added into our system. This will allow you to log in even before your child starts classes, for you to familiarise yourself with the way we work and share information. You will receive a reminder of your login details every week, at the bottom of our weekly Horse's Mouth newsletter. You are able to change your password to something that you are more likely to remember if you so wish. This can be done by clicking the "change password" button on the login screen of the portal.

Contact details for parents are very important when it comes to communication regarding children. For this reason, you are able to update your own contact details inside the Parent Portal. This goes straight into our records on our side, so you can be sure that every relevant staff member who needs these will automatically be using your new details.

We aim to have the bulk of information available to you in your personalised portal so there is more available here than on the website. It will also show you links and menu's that are relevant to your family, and if you are not able to find information that you are looking for, there are various options in the menu's or on most pages that will put you in touch directly with the correct staff member who can help you.

There is a rich menu of options to view for each of your children to help them to keep track of their commitments and responsibilities at school. Under your child's name, some of the options include:

  • Their Grade Documents - these are applicable to the grade they are currently in, and can include letters about grade trips, or subject choice options, or cycle test dates for the term and more
  • Their personalised School Timetable
  • Their end of term reports - these get released on the last day of each term, and you are able to click on the names of the terms above the current report to see past reports
  • Health information is important for children, so we even have a section under your child's name where you can see and even update the information that we have here. This is used by our school nurse (who can be emailed directly from this page if you wish to speak with her privately), and is also used when your child is away from the school premises on any school tour.
  • Following on from the above, your child will bring home a return form for you to sign for any school trip they go on. This contains mainly your contact details, and their health information. If you are not happy with the information we have printed out on the current form, you are able to update your own contact details in the Portal, as well as health information for your child. You are then able to print out a newly updated form to sign and hand in for the trip.
  • Your child's LMS (Learning Management System) - This link will give you a limited functionality look into what teachers are doing as online activities for your child's subjects. Many teachers are putting copies of notes, extra resources and sometimes tasks or assignments here for their subject. You are able to download any resources the teachers may add. Your child will have the added functionality of being able to ask questions, and submit work through their own Student Portal.

The quick link on the left menu will take you straight to the Parent Portal login page.

The address can also be saved in your device's browser for quick access:

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