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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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Long Walk Preparations and Information


The 80km Long Walk, co-ordinated by the Past Pupils’ Association and drawing extensively on the skills and resources of the Parents' Council, is one of the older traditions of the School and usually takes place in March. The Long Walk has taken place every year since 1963. There are shorter walks for the younger children but the ultimate aim, especially for the High School pupils is to complete five 80km walks in their school career. It is a day on which everyone in the schools is afforded an opportunity to participate in this proud tradition.

General Enquiries: Rae Griesel - 031 764 8640 / 083 309 8907
Event in Brief

High School (grades 8-12): Students must participate in the 55km walk, and may opt to attempt the LONG WALK (approximately 80km).

Senior Primary (grades 4-7): Students must participate in the 25km walk. Grade 7 students may opt to attempt the 55km option as long as they qualify at the Sponsored Walk

Junior Primary (grades 1-3): Grade 3 will walk approximately 12km, Grade 2 approximately 7km, and Grade 1 approximately 3km.

Costs for the 2018 Long Walk:
These fees cover the cost of catering, water etc for the walkers. All TMC students long walk fees are added to the school account. Other payments are CASH only i.e. No Credit Cards.
Entry fees are non-refundable should the Long Walk be cancelled for any reason whatsoever.
Grade 4 – 7 students and parents - 25km R195
Grade 8 – 12 students, past students and parents - 55km & 80km R275
Visitors / Clubs – 25km R330
Visitors / Clubs – 55km / 80km R440
More information is available here (updated 16.02.2018)

Parents, Past Students, Visitors and Clubs (quick summary) Registration is a quick process done AT THE SCHOOL in order to capture all your relevant details, take payment, receive your bib and sign your indemnity form. Payment is cash only, unless you are a parent here, in which case you can put this on your school account (please have your child's admin number handy). More details will be added here closer to the 2018 Long Walk.

Volunteers (Marshals, Stop Helpers, Medical, Logistics, etc)

In order to ensure the safety of the walkers on the route, sufficient marshals must be present at all times. This is a legal requirement set by provincial authorities. We as the organising committee therefore need to stress that the event can only take place if sufficient volunteers come forward. We urge all members of the Thomas More College family to help where they can so as to maintain this proud tradition that is the Thomas More College Long Walk

A document explaining the various ways that you can help us can be found here (updated 16.02.2018)

Long Walk provisions what we need to make it happen.

Other useful documents:

The History of the Event (updated 16.02.2018)
Nutrition Guide (updated 16.02.2018)
Training Schedule
Walker Safety (updated 16.02.2018)
2018 Long Walk Route (updated 16.02.2018)

We would like to thank Kloof Community Patrols, SA Can and Metro Police for helping us on the day to ensure the safety of all our walkers.

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