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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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Parents' Council

Want to know what the Parents' Council do at TMC? Click on this link and find out...

All parents and guardians of children at TMC are members of the Parents‘ Council. The activities of the Council are co-ordinated by the Parents‘ Council Executive. The Executive is a group of parents who have been elected in terms of the Constitution and are co-opted onto the Parents‘ Council at its AGM at the beginning of each year. As the Constitution provides for 14 elected members of the Executive, additional members are co-opted either to assist with specific projects or to avoid willing people being excluded as a result of an election.

At the first Parents‘ Council meeting after the AGM, the newly elected Executive (co-opted members do not have a vote) then elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and a Secretary. All the portfolio-holders are also decided on. These portfolios are presently made up of:

Long Walk at Thomas More CollegeThe Long Walk The 80km Long Walk, co-ordinated by th Past Pupils' Association and drawing extensively on the skills and resources of the Parents’ Council, is one of the older traditions of the School and usually takes place in March. The Long Walk has taken place every year since 1963. The Long Walk starts at the school at 02:00am and goes through Kloof, Hillcrest, Botha’s Hill, Alverston, Assagay and then a few loops in Summerveld before ending at the Ponds.

There are shorter walks for the younger children but the ultimate aim, especially for the High School pupils is to complete five 80km walks in their school career. It is a day on which everyone in the schools is afforded an opportunity to participate in this proud tradition.

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Country Fair at Thomas More CollegeCountry Fair The Country Fair is a popular annual event on the TMC calendar.

Whilst it is a fundraiser for the Parents' Council, it is also an esprit de corps builder​. It usually takes place on the campus on the last Saturday in July, or the first Saturday in August.

Parents​, staff and pupils join in and work at the different stalls. Tombola, a games alley, second-hand bookstall, a beer tent, a tea garden, a House of Horrors, arena events and a lifestyle expo are some of the regular activities on the day. Country Fair Day is a compulsory school day.
Buy-A-Brick at Thomas More CollegeBuy-a-Brick The Parents‘ Council are offering the Grade 7 and 12 leavers and anyone else who is interested, the opportunity to have their child’s name or your family name put onto a Brick in the Habberton Hall as a reminder that “you were at TMC”.

For further information and costs, please contact Rae Griesel on

Commemorative bricks at Thomas More College

Golf Day at Thomas More CollegeGolf Day The Golf Day is part of the Parents’ Council fundraising activities. It takes place at the Kloof Country Club. Parents are requested to sponsor holes, prizes etc. 150 Club at Thomas More College150 Club We encourage every family to participate in this fundraiser. There is a minimal monthly cost (January to November), with a draw each term, usually during a social event. The First Prize is one term’s charges free (credited to the oldest child). For more details, please see the Admissions and charges page.Race Day at Thomas More CollegeRace Day This event is held annually in November and is an exciting evening fundraiser at the Greyville Race Course.

The Parents‘ Council’s main function is fundraising, and funds raised are used for capital projects only. The Board‘s Finance Committee handles this money and spends it according to the Board’s approval. The Board sets a budget each year for the Parents‘ Council and in turn the Parents‘ Council sets itself a target to reach as well as determining which capital projects they are going to support each year. Examples of capital projects supported in recent years are the music school, tarring of the gravel car park, smart boards, AEU extension, purchase of 14 seater Quantum, SP ablution block, hall sound system, JP rain shelter, etc. This is not the only function of the Parents‘ Council. They are also the representatives of the parents, and the Chairman of the Parents‘ Council is an automatic member of the Board of Trustees at TMC and is the parents‘ representative on the Board. The Parents‘ Council also contributes to the esprit de corps at TMC.

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