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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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2017 Certificate from IQAA

isiZulu - First Additional Language

Why learn isiZulu?
South African Flag Zulu is spoken by over 10 million people in South Africa as a first language, with many more speaking this as a second langauge and is one of our country's eleven official languages. Zulu has a rich tradition of poetry and music. It is also spoken in Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Understanding the language of people that you regularly interact with brings so much understanding of how they think compared to your own thoughts. This truely brings people together from different backgrounds, as there are always many creative ideas that cannot be translated into another language without losing some of the nuances.

This is a highly useful language for South Africans to be learning, as this influences adult life in todays society, and will help with relationships in the work place.

As with all High School subjects, this will require work and commitment. In Primary School, isiZulu is taught as a 2nd additional language, but choosing to take this subject to Matric, one does need to bear in mind that it will be chosen as a 1st additional language. It is most difficult to change focus between the two choices of Afrikaans or isiZulu if you have specialised in the one and decide to change later, so make sure that you practise as often as you can to keep up with any additional language choice.

Learning an additional language changes your identity and how you view the world. Your eyes are opened to different perspectives and allow you to gain much wisdom and understanding from this. It certainly expands your mind and your entire world!

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