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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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2017 Certificate from IQAA

Information Technology

Information Technology focuses on activities that deal with the solution of problems through logical thinking, information management and communication using computers.

Information Technology (IT) enables pupils to understand the principles of modern computing. This is done by learning how to program (code) using a current programming language, learning how to setup and query databases and by learning about how hardware and software works. Pupils also learn how these apply to their daily lives, to the world of work, and to their communities.

This affords pupils the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge as creators of software and managers of data networks. Even if pupils don’t become involved in an industry directly related to IT, the skills and knowledge they gain are invaluable in any sector of society and the economy.

The subject also provides orientation for further study in this field. Information Technology specifically forms a good basis for the programming components of Bachelor of Science degrees in general and specifically engineering and computer science. It also forms a good basis for studies in business sciences such as a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems.

Gone are the days where computers and programming in particular was the realm of nerds. Computers pervade every aspect of modern life and in today's society, IT is an excellent foundation for any job, especially running businesses, where being able to control information is the key to success.

In fact programming has been given such a high value worldwide, that it is being taught as an additional language right from the lowest grades. Coding should be considered a fundamental literacy along with reading, writing and mathematics and it certainly will be in the future.

Understanding how computers work and speak is vital to the future way of life. And those who excel at it will be assured of success.

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