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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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2017 Certificate from IQAA

English English

English is arguably THE most important subject of the school curriculum. Every other subject that you take requires you to be able to read well and write correctly to express the idea you are trying to convey. Most other subjects require you to be able to learn from notes and textbooks written in English, and to be able to comprehend the ideas being communicated. You will need to be able to read between the lines and interpret what you have read. Your tests for these subjects will be in English too, so understanding the questions being asked of you, and being able to concisely express your answers in writing are what you are required to do to pass other subjects.

The English language itself teaches a deep history of the English world in the many sayings and words that have been assimilated from other cultures. Learning the root words of modern English takes you to a world of Vikings, Monks, Kings and more. The rich depth of understanding you gain of the human psyche through following such a deep history of a language gives empathy and understanding that is very useful.

Did you know that 55% of the world’s webpages are written in English? This absolutely dwarfs that of any other language, with the next most widely used language on the internet being Russian (which constitutes just 6% of pages). Knowledge of English, therefore, allows you to tap into far more of the world’s intellectual resources.

English is the language of science. Within the Science Citation Index, compiled by the Institute for Scientific Information, an estimated 95% of articles are written in English despite only around half being from English-speaking countries. English with all of its nuances, is also the language of Business.

Some of our greatest works of literature are written in English, which give you access to a whole new world and way of thinking.

Clear, straightforward communication is essential for business, school, writing and building relationships with people. Communication can make or break a person, and your performance at school and in the adult world is linked to your ability to communicate effectively.

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