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Thomas More College is an independent, Christian based, co-educational day school with dedicated and professional staff running classes from Grade 000-12.
Focus is given to developing the whole child and equipping him or her with relevant life skills.

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2017 Certificate from IQAA


EGD aims to develop the pupil’s ability to address problems and exploit opportunities in a creative and innovative way. Pupils are equipped to apply cognitive skills, such as critical and creative thinking, analysis, synthesis and logic to practical, real life design and engineering problems.

This subject equips pupils with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to function in an engineering and design environment. It also stimulates an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and enhances pupil’s technological literacy. The pupil will thus be equipped to appreciate the interaction between peoples’ values, society, environment, human rights and technology.

Application of the design process helps to solve Civil, Electrical and Mechanical problems analytically and graphically and to understand the concepts and knowledge used in Engineering Graphics and Design.


Drawing skills covered involve the following disciplines:
  • Instrument drawing according to scale (using a portable A3 drawing board)
  • Freehand drawing
  • CAD (Computer aided design). We use AutoCAD and Inventor


EGD as a subject gives pupils the opportunity to:
  • Communicate ideas graphically by employing drawing instruments and computer–based tools.
  • Learn by solving problems in a creative way.
  • Carry out practical projects and tasks using the process skills of investigating by means of meaningful research, designing, making, evaluating and communicating.
  • Learn by dealing directly with human rights and social and environmental issues in their project work.
  • Use and engage with knowledge in a purposeful way.
  • Create more positive attitudes, perceptions and aspirations towards manufacturing, engineering and technology-based careers.

EGD includes but is not limited to:

  • Applications of the principles of Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Computer Applications Technology and Life Sciences to manufacturing, engineering and technology problem solving.
  • Conceptual design, synthesis and graphics.
  • Conceptual knowledge, understanding and application of materials and processes in manufacturing and the built environment.
  • Architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical and civil engineering.
  • Enabling pupils to consider a range of technological solutions to problems, particularly those that are more sustainable and ones that are not detrimental to human health, well-being and the environment.

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