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  12 March 2018
Newsletter 08
From the Editor...

Please find the Scripture for the week here.


    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:

  • Debbie Kerdachi - explains the academic programme for Grades 10-12

  • Barbara Taljard - highlights a few events coming up


Long Walk 2018


Wishing you a most enjoyable walk on Saturday.



Please visit the following link 2018 Long Walk Route



Please see what provisions are needed for the long walk on our website and if anyone has contacts or is able to sponsor items please contact Rae Griesel on 031 764 8697 or rgriesel@thomasmore.co.za



Volunteers still needed in the various areas. We ask that you please book a slot and assist on the day to ensure the safety of our children and the walkers.



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Scripture for the week

PsalmPsalm 95: 1-2

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.

Praise and worship are an important and integral part of our Christian walk. Unfortunately in many schools in South Africa this is no longer allowed, but at Thomas More, a school recognised for its Christian values, we are fortunate enough to be able to pray and worship openly.

Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to have Graydon Scholtze and his band from Kloof Harvest lead us in worship in one of our High School assemblies.

It was wonderful to see a number of the pupils worshipping together in an environment where they were encouraged not to worry about the people around them, but to rather connect with their God and praise him unashamedly.

We pray that this will be the start of something new in our assemblies and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I pray also that as we go through our daily lives we will praise him in all that we do both by our words and actions.  

Cheryl Selley

High School News

In last week’s Horse’s Mouth I explained the Elective Programme that is currently running in Grade 8 and 9. This week I would like to focus on grades 10, 11 and 12. We will not be doing June examinations for any grades this year. During this time the Grades 8-11 learners will be away on grade camps and the grade 12s will be involved in a special academic programme.

Over the past few years we have not done June exams for the grade 12s and we have found that the additional teaching time has impacted on the matric final results positively. We have therefore decided to do the same with Grade 10s and 11s. Even though the Grade 10s and 11s are away on camp in June, we will gain teaching time towards the end of the year. The Grade 11s will be given an extra week of exam time in November. This is so that the timetable can spread the examination papers out to reduce the pressure placed on the learners, as we realise how important these exam results are in applications for tertiary institutions.

While the school is away on camp in June, we will be using this time with the matrics to complete portfolio tasks and for additional teaching time. There will be staff away on camps but this will not compromise the programme. There are also IEB exams for Life Orientation and Drama that take place during this time, as well as Common Assessment Task assignments for our language subjects.

The reports for this year will have a new look. The term 1 and 3 reports are progress reports which will have a different rating scale which is aimed at giving more detailed feedback. The Grade 8 and 9 reports will only have marks for the core subjects and not the elective subjects. The Grade 10-12 reports will contain marks for all subjects. The term 2 and 4 reports will contain much more detail than what appeared in the past as they will cover the content covered for the half year as well as a subject teacher’s comment.

We have had a successful first term with the academic programme and we look forward to another productive term.  


Debbie Kerdachi

High School: Deputy Head: Academics

Primary School News

We were delighted with the performances of our Boys and Girls in their C and B League D & D galas last week, with both teams retaining their places in the leagues and easily holding their own. Well done to our swimmers and coaches and thanks to all those who supported. Training continued for our Long Distance gala which took place yesterday afternoon and for our Inter-house gala, which took place this morning. We congratulate Keira Browning and Simeï Bekker on being our Junior and Senior Victrix Ludorum respectively with Adam Gray and Nikolaos Bratos being our joint Senior Victors and Björn Bekker our Junior Victor Ludorum.   Our Junior Runners Up:  Mackenzy Layden and Kai McCormick and our Senior Runners Up:  Kate Human and Ryan Browning. It was a very exciting gala, and some records were broken.  A special well done to those who did and thanks again for the good support.

Congratulations to all our Zenith Public Speaking finalists on well executed speeches last night at the Zenith Graduation and sincere thanks to Cynthia Petzer and her team as well as all those from the school who were involved in the organization, or offered support. It is appreciated.

Tomorrow afternoon from 15:30 to 18:30 are our Senior Primary parent teacher interviews in the Habberton Hall. The first term interim reports which look at attitude, effort, behaviour, application to homework and work ethic are part of the first six month mark-order and can be downloaded from the parent portal on Ed-admin from 3pm this afternoon. They will give you much insight into your child’s progress thus far and guide you as to which teachers you should be seeing. Small group children’s parents should ideally see their English and Mathematics teachers, unless they have already been recently contacted. As explained in the letter sent to you on Friday, there are no marks in this report, as we want to do more in-depth work and it is not in the child’s best interests to be on a mark chase at the expense of skills, quality and understanding.

Saturday 17th March sees our compulsory Long Walk. As already explained, the Senior Primary will start the 25 km route in Elizabeth Road Park in West Riding (Hillcrest). Children should be at the open fields by 07:00 to register etc. for a 07:30 staggered start. This area is strictly a drop and go area. Only parents who have registered may walk with the children. They will need to be dropped off as the cars may not be left there.

On Monday next week, 19 March, it is a civvies day to say thank you for the donations received for our Sponsored Walk. Our SP children are encouraged to wear loose comfortable shorts and t-shirts for their NAD (Non-academic) Day, as they will be getting dirty as they play a number of party type games to celebrate the 25th birthday of our Primary School, a very special occasion. Mrs Mbili, who was one of the inaugural teachers, will cut the cake. We are also honoured to have Mrs Melanie Küster (neé Zietsmann) a pupil who started in the second year of the Primary School and is now the Chairperson of the Past Pupils’ Association, a Board of Trustees member and a parent, address our pupils about the earlier days.

We also look forward to our Culture Alive Assembly on the last school day from 07:30 to about 08:30. School closes at 10:45 for the SP on this day, Tuesday 20th March.

A very big thank you to our amazing staff for all they have done this term on so many fronts- it is truly appreciated! Thanks too to the parents for your support.

We wish you well for the last very full week of term and all the special activities it holds, as well as a good rest over the Easter holidays. May you be blessed as we remember the true meaning of Easter.

School re-opens on Monday 9 April.


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Primary School Weekly Achievers


We are currently looking for a sponsor for our Primary School Weekly Achievers - if you would like to be involved, please contact Claudia Levarelli 031 764 8646 / clevarelli@thomasmore.co.za


1B Kate van der Merwe for a lovely improvement in her reading and blending skill.
1R Taylor Macfarlane for her beautiful smile and for the positive approach she displays in class.
1S Demi Peixoto for the positive approach that she has to her day and for giving of her best in all that she does.
2D Thomas Stephens for his enthusiastic effort and always doing his best.
2R Tholoana Lebenya for her consistent effort and achievement during all lessons and her kind and caring heart.
2K Levi Smith for his concerted effort in writing great rhyming sentences this week.  Keep this up my boy.
3B Phoebe Bothma for her helpfulness in the classroom, her perseverance and hard working attitude.
3M Angel Gamede for her diligence and determination to do well in all academic areas.  Keep up the good work.
3R Kate Lang for always listening carefully and working so hard.
4C Hannah Gillingwater for her kind and gentle nature and for her beautiful work.
4P Emily de Klerk for being so helpful and always striving to give of her best.
4dL Tatum Harris for her continual hard work, determination and kind, gentle nature.
5vL Henna Ngubo for her kind, caring nature, good work ethic and for patiently helping the children make their origami canoe as part of her English Oral.
5M James Evans for his continued effort in class, neat work presentation and excellent manners.
5McG Khotso Tsomela for his diligence and excellent work ethic.
6McC Taylor Muir for her positive attitutde and good work ethic.
6F Phila Nkosi for his positive nature and good sense of humour.
6L Emily MacDougall for her enthusiasm and always giving of her best.
7C Michael Farrell for his positive attitude and helpful nature.
7M Bryce James for his mature handling of his inury and mature approach to school.
7EH Tiaan Steyn for his excellent manners and kind, caring nature.
7CH Tiaasha Naicker for always being so pro-active. 



Cultural Achievements


Congratulations to both our Grade 8 and Junior debaters for winning their debates. The Grade 8 team (Lucy Hofmann, Conall Steenkamp and Shivy Seeraram) won their debate against Kingsway and Lucy Hofmann was given Best Speaker. The Juniors (Justin Keep, Jessica Mills and Julia Leisegang) won their debate against Werda and Justin Keep was given best Speaker.



Congratulations to the following pupils who have been examined in ISTD Modern and Tap Dance and achieved the following results:

Alex Bennett Grade 1 Modern Distinction

Ethan Saint Primary Modern Distinction

Matthew Clark Grade 2 Tap Distinction

Ella Krautz Pre-Primary Tap Distinction

Erinn Pretorius Pre-Primary Tap Distinction

Ethan Saint Pre-Primary Tap Distinction 



Congratulations to Amber Allen on receiving a Distinction in her Grade 1 Theory Exam and Asha Allen a Merit in her Grade 1 Theory exam.


Cuttings Beach Clean-up

The clean-up was a joint venture between Clean Surf Project, Ocean 8 Beach Clean-ups and KZN Beach Clean Up. The event was attended by approx. 100 pupils. 13 Grade 8-12 Thomas More pupils attended with Mr Robson. Over 500kgs of litter was collected. Thomas More aims to participate in at least one clean-up per term, dates and locations will be advertised.   This group can be followed on facebook: @KznBeachCleanup, Instagram: @kznBeachcleanup and Twitter: @KznBeachCleanup


Irish Dancing

Hayley Parker (Grade 8), Stephanie de Moor (Grade 7), Emily de Klerk (Grade 4) and Danielle de Moor (Grade 4) competed in the KZN Feis this weekend and achieved the following results:

Emily de Klerk : 2nd Bun reel, 5th Bun light jig

Danielle de Moor: 3rd Bun single jig, 2nd Bun treble jig

Stephanie de Moor: 1st Advanced Tus reel, 3rd Advanced Tus light jig, 3rd Advanced Tus single jig, 1st Bun hornpipe

Hayley Parker: 1st Mean reel, 4th Advanced Tus treble jig

Hayley and Stephanie were also placed 2nd for their 2-hand reel and 1st for their 4-hand reel, and Danielle was placed 5th for her 2-hand reel.

Well done girls!


Sporting Achievements


Congratulations to Keira Browning who attended the Koof mini-olympics gala on Sunday 4 March.  She came 2nd in breaststroke and was awarded a bronze medal.


Congratulations to SP Swimming Captains and Vice Captains on their recent appointments:

Simeï Bekker and Nikolaos Bratos (Captains)

Shannon Wilhelm and Phillip Craig (Vice Captains)


Congratulations is also extended to Simeï and Björn Bekker who both swam at the KZN Schools' Aquatic Champs and have been selected to swim at Nationals later on in the year. 


Congratulations to Stella and Matthew Reinecke who both swam in a Club gala last Sunday.  Stella placed 1st in breaststroke, 2nd in the Indivdual medly, freestyle and butterfly and 4th in backstroke.  Matthew placed 3rd in backstroke. Well done to you both.


Well done to all our Boys and Girls who swam in the D&D and Highways A, B and C league galas.  Our boys placed 2nd in the D&D C-zone gala, with our girls placing 3rd in the D&D B-zone gala and our swimming team placing 4th at St Mary's DSG in the Highways A-league gala.  Well done to all our swimmers.


SP 1st Team Cricket vs Atholl Heights

TMPS 143/10 from 38.1 overs (E. McCormick 34)

Atholl Heights 146/7 from 39.5 overs (B. Shepstone 2 for 13 off 8 overs)

TMPS lost by 3 wickets with a ball to spare.


SP 2nd Team Cricket vs Atholl Heights

TMPS 112/4

Atholl Heights 115/3 (A. Jackson 2 overs, 4 runs, T. Steyn 4 overs, 11 runs, 1 wicket, B. Dunbar 60 runs not out)

TMPS lost by 7 wickets  


SP 3rd Team Cricket vs Atholl Heights

TMPS 78/8 in 20 overs (S. Mdladla 4 overs, 16 runs and 5 wickets)

Atholl Heights 67/9 in 20 overs

TMPS won by 11 runs.


PADSSA Cricket

Congratulations to Connor Mackinnon, Tayesh Naicker and Snqobile Ndawu for making the PADSSA U11 Cricket team.  Well done boys.



Congratulations to Evan du Plessis who took part in the Bring It On & Marriot Summer Series Mountain Bike lap racing which took place over 6 weeks and ended on 2 March.  Evan placed 3rd in his category.  Well done Evan.


Congratulations to Tiffany Keep who rode in the Cape Town Cycle Tour and placed 12th overall in the elite ladies race and 2nd U19 (Junior).  She was in the front of the leading group for most of the race and was leading until 200m to go!  Fantastic results Tiffany!


Congratulations is also extended to Travis Stedman who also rode in the Cape Town Cycle Tour and placed 1st in the U17 boys age group and finished in a bunch sprint in a time of 2 hours 46 minutes! Awesome results Travis!


Congratulations to Levi Smith who took part in the Greg Minnaar Gravity Enduro in Howick on 3 March where he placed 3rd in the U8 - U10 category. Well done Levi.


Congratulations to Luke Patterson who rode in the 2018 Michelin Mountain Madalas Enduro and achieved a silver medal for his efforts.  Well done Luke.



This prestigious show, held at Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre in Krugersdorp, sees the best riders in the country competing for the coveted title of Presidents Cup Winner. Sydney Swanson won her first qualifier event on Wednesday and went on to come second in the next round on Friday, putting her as the top qualifier going into the final competition for Presidents Cup, 4 riders also went forward with a total of zero penalties making for a very competitive and nail biting jump off round.

Sydney ended up with the fastest time (3 seconds faster than 2nd place) making her the 2018 Presidents Cup winner. Well done Sydney!


HS Hockey



Boys' 1st team

Port Shepstone High School

Won : 2-0

Girls' 1st team

Port Shepstone High School

Won : 9-0

Boys' 1st team

Felixton College

Won 4-1

Girls' 1st team

Felixton College

Won 2-0

Girls' U16A

Felixton College

Won 8-0

Girls' U14A

Felixton College

Won 4-0

Girls' U16A

St. Anne's

Draw 0-0

Girls' U16A


Won 1-0

Girls' U16A

The Wykeham Collegiate

Draw 0-0

Girls' U14A

Treverton College

Draw 1-1

Girls' U14A

St. Anne's

Lost 0-2

Girls' U14A

The Wykeham Collegiate

Won 2-1

Girls' U14A


Lost 0-1