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  21 November 2017
Newsletter 39
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:

  • Shane Cuthbertson - shares with the parents, his plans for the next few months, and thanks the school for his gift.

  • Barbara Taljard - wishes all pupils in the Primary School well for their last week of extra-mural activities and shares a list of 'don'ts' some children might like to hear from their parents every once in a while.


Stock Shop Year-End Appointments/purchases - It is that time of year again where we need to remind all parents needing new school uniforms for 2018, to please contact the Stock Shop to make an appointment. The diary is now open, please call on 031 764 8640 during the Stock Shop trading times as shown below:


Monday - Thursday: 12:00 - 15:00
Friday:  12:30 - 14:30
Half-Term Friday:  12:30 - 14:00
PS Half-Term Monday:  12:00 - 15:00
School holidays:  closed
Break up day:  11:00 - 12:00 


HS Text books

The last date for textbook returns will be 1 December 2017. Any textbooks not returned by this date will be charged to school accounts. Collection boxes are situated outside the exam venues for your child/ren’s convenience. Textbooks can also be returned to the textbook department situated inside the Dalberg library.  


Insala Road Gate

We thank you for your patience and understanding with regards to the reduced parking spaces and restricted movement on our campus whilst our High School classrooms were being built.

The temporary classrooms in the second level of the High School parking bays have now been removed which will allow quicker flow in and out of the High School area.

As of today we will no longer be opening Insala Road gate in the mornings and at pick up times, unless circumstances warrant this. 


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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Co-ordinator:  Communications

Club TMC Draw (Parents’ Council Fundraiser)

Congratulations to Mr Roberts, parent of Charmoné Roberts in Grade 10, who is the lucky Club TMC draw winner for Term 4. Mr Roberts wins a term’s free school fees. We thank him for his support.


Cafe de More


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Claudia Levarelli

Marketing Co-ordinator: Digital Media

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Scripture for the week

Scripture“Then some little children were brought to him so that he might lay his hands on them and pray. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. Jesus, however, said, "Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these." Matthew 19:13-14.

I recently watched a video clip of the Christmas story told by children with adults acting out the parts as the children try and tell the story in their own words. It’s hilarious, although some people might think it’s mocking the story of Jesus’ birth but I find it’s coming from their world view and that has such an impact on strengthening my own faith. For children remind me to keep my faith simple. Like what Jesus says in the scripture above. For we tend to forget that Jesus states that our faith needs to be like that of a child: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven”. Matthew 18:3.

Strong words from Jesus who had a habit of turning people’s world view upside down or in reality the right side up. We need to fit into God’s kingdom not the other way round (God to fit into our domain) for as the Christmas story tells us this is not how one would expect God to arrive, born in a stable, to a teenage girl, celebrated by rough and tough shepherds and visited by foreigners from a strange land. Everything seems backwards in the story of the birth of Jesus and that’s the point, it’s showing God’s kingdom is revealed in places we certainly would not like our children to be born into, because Jesus is here to bring salvation by turning our world order upside down. So wherever we find ourselves expect the unexpected from Jesus. He tends to be found in the most unlikely of places.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

 For me this is certainly a time of farewells! Having already had the Parents' Council 80s evening and my final assembly, last Friday afternoon I was once again spoilt with a farewell function given by the staff and the Board of Trustees. I have been extremely touched by the warmth of this community and will certainly miss the camaraderie. I was given the gift of a lovely new telephoto lens for my camera. Outdoor life is certainly one of my great passions and I am really looking forward to putting the lens to good use next year.

I intend to keep well below the radar for the first few months next year as I keep myself busy with long overdue renovation projects at home. Thereafter I will probably raise my head in academic circles again. Whether that is in the area of quality control, heading up a school or science teaching is still uncertain.


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

Primary School News

This is our last week of sport, with our last matches being on Saturday 25th November. It is thus a particularly busy week as all extra-murals also end this week, except by arrangement etc. for choirs, recorders or those children rehearsing for our Carols Evening. In addition there is the delightful Toppies and Tots on Friday, which our children look forward to with anticipation and which enables greater bonding between children and the adult with whom he/she is playing. We wish all of our children much enjoyment and continued commitment to their extra-murals and academic work, as this term rapidly counts down to a close.

We also welcome our Grade 3 children coming into Grade 4 as they have an orientation day with us on Friday.

I came across this the other day and thought they were such pearls of practical wisdom that I wanted to share them with you as parents:

Those don’ts 

Are you one of those parents always saying “Don’t” to your children? If so, here are some don’ts they might like to say to you:

· Don’t be frightened of being firm with me. I feel more secure when you are firm.

· Don’t spoil me. I know as well as you do that I shouldn’t have everything I ask for.

· Don’t let me get into bad habits. I rely on you to help me stop them.

· Don’t make me feel smaller than I am already; it makes me act big and then I make a fool of myself.

· Don’t correct me in front of other people unless you have to.

· Don’t make me feel I’ve sinned when I’ve made a mistake.

· Don’t cushion me from the consequences of what I’ve done. Sometimes I need to learn the hard way.

· Don’t over react when I say “I hate you!” I love you.

· Don’t nag me. If you do I may have to pretend to be deaf.

· Don’t make a fuss when there’s nothing much wrong with me. I may be fussing to get your attention.

· Don’t forget that I can’t always explain things as clearly as you can.

· Don’t promise me something you won’t be able to do. I feel awful when you let me down.

· Don’t push me into a corner with questions. If you frighten me then I tell lies.

· Don’t say one thing and do another. This makes me lose faith in you.

· Don’t say I’m silly when I tell you what I’m worried about….I need your understanding and reassurance.

· Don’t fob me off when I’m asking questions…then I’ll stop asking you and have to get the answers from somewhere else.

· Don’t pretend you’re perfect or infallible…I know you’re not.

· Don’t think you’re too important to apologise to me. I love you so much when you say “Sorry”.

· Don’t think I’ve stopped growing up. Please try to understand I’m growing every day.

· Don’t forget I love experimenting. I can’t grow without it.

· Don’t forget that I need your understanding love if I’m going to thrive; but you love me already, and I don’t need to tell you that, do I?

I enjoyed the above as it reminded me once again of the crucial role we play as parents and the impact we have. I hope you also find it beneficial?

Best wishes to you all for the week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit for further info. 



Dinic Breedt - for her enthusiasm towards writing tasks. What amazing stories you have written.


Tristan Gregorowski - for his thoughtful ways and always being so generous with bread buddy.


Leah Becker - for her concerted effort to listen carefully and for working diligently on her tasks this week.  Keep it up Leah.


Joshua Bezuidenhout - for the effort he puts into his work and improving his self-control.


Peta Mazery - for the wonderful answers she gave to her comprehension task.


Minenhle Mbonambi - for his positive attitude towards all his school work.


Ben Frankenfeldt - for listening well, working hard and producing pleasing work.  Keep it up.


Michael Lang - for continuously producing work of a high standard and being a helping hand to his classmates.


Rebecca Raw - for growth in self-confidence and for sharing her ideas and concerns with us.


Leah Naidoo - for always trying her best.


Ethan Williams - for growth in maturity and adopting a diligent approach toward his work.


Gregory Acklom - for his hard work.


Sophia Goble - for her good manners, good organisational skills and for always being helpful in the classroom.


Jenna Alexander - for her kind and gentle nature and for always giving of her best.


Kauren Naidoo - for his excellent Language test result.


Ethan McCormick - for setting himself goals and working hard to achieve them.


Darian Maclean - for her persistent hard work and positive attitude.


Solethu Madlala - for showing great improvment in English.


none awarded due to exams.





Cultural Achievements


Congratulations to Aimee Maritz on her recent ballet achievements:

Cecchetti ballet Test 5: Distinction

Level 7 American Performance Awards for Cecchetti Ballet - Gold Achieved

Aimee has auditioned for the KZN Dance Academy and was selected for the Junior Group in 2018.

Well done Aimee. 


Congratulations to Jaymee Lang who took part in the American Perfomance Ballet at St Marys on Sunday for level 6 and achieved a silver with double distinction. Well done Jaymee.


Sporting Achievements

Water Polo vs DPHS and Atholl heights


TMC 1st vs DPHS 2nd : lost 1- 10

TMC 2nd vs DPHS 3rd : lost 0 – 14

TMC 1st vs Atholl Heights 1st : won 12 – 1

TMC 2nd vs Atholl Heights 1st : lost 6 – 10


TMC 1st vs Atholl Heights 1st : won 13 – 0

TMC 2nd vs Atholl Heights 1st: lost 3 – 4


Sub-youth Athletics

This past weekend four athletes took part in the Sub-youth interpretational games as part of the SACSSA team at the Pilditch Stadium in Pretoria. The athletes participated against the best athletes in their age group from every province in South Africa. It was a tough and exciting competition yielding the following results:

Ashleigh Serfontein 10th High Jump U11- jumping 1.28m

Amy Ahlschlager 11th High Jump U13- jumping 1.40m

Sarah Simpson 15th- High Jump U13 – jumping 1.35m & 12th Long Jump- jumping 4.04m

Buhlali Mhlanzi- 7th 800m – running in a time of 2.17.15 min



Keira Browning swam in the Westville swimming sprints this weekend. She achieved gold medals in 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 200IM. Her times have all come down again and now has U10/U11 level 3 times for freestyle and 200 IM. Well done Keira.


SP Girls' Indoor Hockey

U12 vs St Mary’s lost 2-3