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  14 November 2017
Newsletter 38
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:

  • Shane Cuthbertson - gives thanks to all involved in the tribute assembly.

  • Dave Wiggett - shares HS staff news.

  • Barbara Taljard - reminds families to please contribute to the Outreach initiatives taking place in these last weeks.

  • Deni Hornsey - shares info on orientation mornings.


Stock Shop Year-End Appointments/purchases - It is that time of year again where we need to remind all parents needing new school uniforms for 2018, to please contact the Stock Shop to make an appointment. The diary is now open, please call on 031 764 8640 during the Stock Shop trading times as shown below:


Monday - Thursday: 12:00 - 15:00
Friday:  12:30 - 14:30
Half-Term Friday:  12:30 - 14:00
PS Half-Term Monday:  12:00 - 15:00
School holidays:  closed
Break up day:  11:00 - 12:00 


HS Text books

The last date for textbook returns will be 1 December 2017. Any textbooks not returned by this date will be charged to school accounts. Collection boxes are situated outside the exam venues for your child/ren’s convenience. Textbooks can also be returned to the textbook department situated inside the Dalberg library.  


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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Co-ordinator:  Communications

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Scripture for the week

Scripture"He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire. He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:11-12

Last Sunday was Remembrance Sunday, which is the day "to commemorate the contribution of British and Common wealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts", normally represented by the wearing of a Poppy. For me it is a reminder that ordinary men and women gave their lives for me so that I can have the freedom I have today. It also makes me proud as both my grandfather and father fought in the First and Second World Wars. They served their country in a time of great danger and I am grateful for their sacrifices, they are truly my heroes.

Sadly conflict has been with us since Cain killed Abel. Our rebellion against God and the choices we have made in defining good and evil on our own terms has resulted in broken relationships and conflict ever since. This will continue unless we turn back to God and seek His goodness and mercy. Yes, the Lord will make wars to stop one day when He restores the world but as Jesus warns us before His return things are going to get even worse: “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved”. Matthew 24:12-13. We need to be ready as Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 “Remain alert. Keep standing firm in your faith. Keep on being courageous and strong. Everything you do should be done in love”.

Our prayers are with the entire Grade 7-11s as they prepare for their exams and we continue to lift up the matrics as they are busy writing their finals.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

I was very touched to be the Guest of Honour at my farewell assembly yesterday. Although I don’t leave for another few weeks, with High School and Grade 7 examinations starting, this was the last time the whole school could be together. One of the really special things for me was the fact that the pupils from Grade 00 to Grade 11 were all present. All the choir items were made up of all three phases of the school. The interaction between the children of different ages is one of the things that makes Thomas More College such a warm hearted school. The High School pupils do not perceive the Grade 8s as their juniors who need to be “shown their place”. After all there are much younger children around. Episodes of older children bullying younger children are actually extremely rare in this school. Having come from a High School teaching background myself, I have absolutely loved the spontaneity warmth and enthusiasm of the younger pupils. I do, however, personally prefer the intellectual challenge of teaching older children, but when I want to feel a bit more loved I head down to the Junior Primary campus.

I have absolutely loved my time at Thomas More and am obviously quite nostalgic about leaving. I am, however, looking forward to having the time to invest in health and fitness again. Like many management positions, this is a job that requires a lot of relatively sedentary desk work and meetings. I am quite hyperactive by nature and getting out of the office and outdoors was always very invigorating for me. I will be doing a lot of house renovating, painting etc. but will no doubt raise my head in the education circles once again. I taught senior Science for many years so I hope that my skills will still be in demand.   


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

I want to thank all staff and pupils (particularly event co-ordinator, Mr Gary Balarin) involved with Mr Cuthbertson’s Farewell Assembly yesterday. It was a wondrous, vivacious celebration of Mr Cuthbertson’s journey at TMC with the JP, SP and HS choirs joining in one voice to make a joyful noise. It also truly humbles one when you take stock of what Shane’s journey here has done for our school. From the construction of an astounding 39 classrooms, to world-class amenities such as (inter alia) our astro and the Akal Pool complex – and all in the space of 16 years – Shane’s time here has been characterised by his incredible vision of providing outstanding education to any child who will flourish in this space.

I am sad to inform you of Mrs Tracy Taylor’s resignation. She will take her leave of us after 18 years’ service to take up the Head of Life Sciences position at Durban Girls’ College at the end of the first term next year. We are in the process of interviewing for her replacement. We are also in the process of interviewing for a Counsellor in the wake of Mrs Dunlop’s departure. The Counsellor position will be filled as of Term 1, 2018.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Andrew Browne as Head of Mathematics as of Term 2, 2018. Mr Browne is currently the Director of Academics and Head of Maths at Oakhill in Knysna. He taught previously at Bridge House, Redhill and St Stithians. We look forward to welcoming him, his wife Liz, and their children Moya, Ethan, Allegra and Ntando next year.

We commenced with Grade 8-11 examinations this week. I wish all of our children a calm, focused and appropriately robust engagement with their studies and examinations. I also remind you of the following:

  • please ensure that your children return their textbooks daily as they write off each subject;
  • children who are yet to bring their items for the ground staff’s Christmas Hampers can do so daily and deliver their items to Mr Lanz (Snr’s) classroom.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead as we close in on the end of the year. I will share details regarding the last week of term in next week’s edition of the Horse’s Mouth. Until then, be blessed 


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

We trust you enjoyed the mid-term break and were able to spend some quality time together as a family and to do some fun things with your own child. We also trust that our Grade 7 pupils were able to balance this with studying for their Shared assessment exams which started today. Despite writing some exams, school closes at the normal time for them this week.

Our cultural assembly on Thursday was a true delight with performances of a high standard which enthralled their audience. Very well done to our whole cultural department and to all those who performed- we were very proud of you all! Thanks too to those parents who made the time to support your children.

Well done also to all the pupils across all three phases of the school for their moving and superb tributes and singing to our Executive Principal at the very special pupil and honoured guests’ assembly in our hall yesterday. We wanted Mr Cuthbertson to realise how much he is loved and valued and how sad we are to be saying goodbye to him. We know, however, he will continue to be significant in what he does in the next stage of life’s journey.

Let us also enter into the spirit of giving and make Christmas special for those less fortunate than we are. We ask you seriously to consider blessing our support staff by providing food donations as per grade suggestions for making up Christmas hampers, and also to make up a love box/es if at all financially possible, to give to some child who would not otherwise receive anything for Christmas. Once again sincere thanks to those who have contributed or who are still contributing.

Best wishes to you all for the week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Foundation Phase News

With Half Term under our belts and the year rushing to a close at a rapid rate, preparations for the new year are well oiled.

Our children were excited to meet teachers and new classmates at our Orientation today. All the Pre Primary children were taken to their 2018 classrooms to spend time getting to know their new teacher and class. You will find out who your 2018 teacher is when you fetch at the end of the day. Grade 1 and 2 children will not be moving to their prospective teachers but will be introduced to the grade team. We have 2 teachers moving grades – we are very excited about Tarryn King and Tina Rencken swopping grades for 2018. The Grade 3 Orientation is on 24 November and similarly, the children will be introduced to the Senior Primary but will not meet their particular teacher.

Please be assured that the process of placing your child in their new class is very arduous and time consuming as we are absolutely intent on trying to place children with the best teacher for their personality. We do also take friendships into consideration, but there is a strong emphasis on making sure there are happy relationships, as I am a firm believer that a child who is unhappy will not learn as well. It doesn’t end there – we also have to take academic ability into consideration to make sure that the class is as balanced as possible.

As you can well imagine, this is a stressful time of the year and we ask for your positive input into making the transition from one grade to the next as seamless as possible, by encouraging your child to see opportunities rather than negatives.

There is still much to be accomplished by the end of this term, so please do keep abreast of dates and events by keeping a close eye on “The Week Ahead”.

Aristotle said: “ Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all.”


Deni Hornsey
Foundation Phase:  Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit www.wetrockadventuresco.za for further info. 



Matthew Naicker - for working diligently at his Maths tasks and making such a good effort to improve the presentation of his tasks.


Kayla Conlon - for working so hard on her writing skills and for following instructions quickly and carefully - keep this up.


Daniel de Freitas - for working hard on all his tasks and making pleasing progress with reading.


Alegra Naidoo - for her consistent good work ethic and for being such a lovely friend.


Nickus Breedt - for outstanding effort in all areas.


Amy Marks - for being so brave when she injured her arm and for continuing to complete good work.


Madison Beetge - for the effort she makes with her work and for taking care to always give of her best.


Emma Heslop - for working hard to learn all her lines and acting with beautiful expression during the concert.  Well done Emma.


Demi-Lee Clarkson - for her self-control and healthy work ethic.


Holly du Buisson - for always trying so hard in everything she does.


Aidan Conradie - for his bubbly enthusiasm in lessons and beautifully neat writing.


Liam Oets - for always being willing to help.


Alwande Mbonambi - for his cheerful nature and for being a responsible member of our class.


Lindo Ndokweni - for his happy approach to his school day and for always working hard in class.


Jessica Kelly - for her helpful nature and excellent work ethic.


Shay Naidoo - for her perseverance.


Torin Wright - for never giving up.


Aidan Brown - for his cheerful spirit and for his growing confidence in Mathletics.


Michael Kiggen - for his cheerful, friendly nature and wonderful sense of humour.


Chloe Buchanan - for her cheerful personality and consistent hard work.


Luca Fuini - for his cheerful nature and positive attitude.


Abagility Maths

Congratulations to Visilios Kapnias who received a 2nd prize trophy in Thailand and a gold medal at the National Competition. Well Done Visilios.


Maths Action

Congratulations to Jemma Ramlakan and Kiara Ganesh who received an achievement award from Maths Action in recognition of their accurate tables.  Well done girls.



Congratualtions to the following top three Mathletics learners, based on the number of curriculum activities they have mastered:

Suvay Naidoo - 303 activities scoring 85% +

Victoria Neff - 284 activities scoring 85% +

Laura van Tonder - 275 activities scoring 85% +

Mathletics - Gold Certificates

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been awarded Gold certificates:

Keagan Brand

Zoe Bratos

Taya Brien

Meka Chetty

Anya Chetty

Miguel de Chasteneuf

Stephanie de Moor

Miguel de Freitas

Adam Essey

Shayna Fernandes

Emily Gelder

Jordan Goussard

Adam Gray

Ben Hoogerheijde

Lucy Lee

Taylor Muir

Shay Naidoo

Suvay Naidoo

Darshan Paul

Matthew Reinecke

Benjamin Shepstone

Liam Theunissen

Julia van Tonder 

Josh Pretorius (Foundation Phase)



Congratulations to Ciara Valentine who had her own reading book published with umSinsi press.  Well done Ciara.


Entrepreneur Week - Genius at Work (Hamper winner)

Victoria Neff in Grade 7M would like to congratulate MADISON BEETGE of Grade 3B. She is the winner of the “Genius At Work” Lucky Draw held at the Entrepreneur Week, last week! Enjoy your hamper, Madison!


Cultural Achievements


Congratulations to Julia Leisegang (Grade 8) who passed her Intermediate Foundation Cecchetti Ballet exam with a Distinction – 81% and danced in the recent Gala Performance at the Playhouse (28th October). Well done Julia.


Sporting Achievements


Congratulations to Ashtyn Cason who played in the Mini Masters Tennis Tournament in October and reached the finals.  She has qualified to play in the Wilson Tennis Master Event on 26 November.  Well done and good luck Ashtyn.


SP Colours

Congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded colours at last week's Assembly:

District Athletics - Emily Morgan & Connor Cadle

Provincial Athletics - Bjorn Bekker, Snqobile Ndawo, Aphelele Mchunu, Ethan McCormick, Connor Mackinnon, Damian Watson, Nthabiseng Mthethwa, Izabella Chetty, Michael Jolly, Ella Randle, Ahsley Serfontein, Alwande Mbonambi, James Clelland, Jessica Smith, Grace Youldon, Nikolaos Bratos, Matthew Reinecke, Stella Reinceck, Tiaan Steyn, Qhawekazi Madlala, Karissa Paul, Amy Ahlschlager, Buhlali Mhlanzi, Sarah Simpson, Nathan Riddle, Luke McDaniel, Nathan McDaniel, Michael Fitzpatrick and Cade Gamble.

Provincial Hockey - Kaelah Balarin, Kgaogelo Mashiloane, Jarred Christie, Jorja Robertson, Tré Imani Motsoahae & Buhlali Mhlanzi (re-award).

Provincial Soccer - Tapuwa Sibisi

Provincial Rugby - Kgaogelo Mashiloane


SP Girls' Indoor Hockey

U12 vs Kloof - won 5 - 0


Club Soccer

Congratulations to Riordan Govender - his club soccer team came first in the DCFA league last weekend.  Well done Riordan.


Indoor Netball

Congratulations to Jared McArthur who has been chosen to represent KwaZulu Natal in the Midlands U19 mixed team at the Inter-Provincial Netball Tournament which will be held in Rustenburg in 2018. Well done Jared.



Congratulations to Sydney Swanson who has been selected for the KZN Open Pony Rider team to compete at the SA champs in December. Here, she will also receive her KZN Provincial colours for Show Jumping. Wishing you all the best Sydney.


Congratulations to Reine Marshall who has been selected to represent KZN in the SA Pony Rider Championships in December. Reine has now officially been on the Open Pony Ride KZN team for the last 6 years running. She has also been invited to the annual SASJ awards ceremony on 20 November where she will receive the award for the SASJ National Jumping Competition in the Junior 1,10 category. This is a country wide competition. Well done Reine.