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  31 October 2017
Newsletter 36
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - shares current/planned campus developments.
  • Dave Wiggett - shares how we are preparing children to take their place in society.
  • Barbara Taljard - asks that parents remember to affirm their child's qualities, progress and achievements.

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager


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Scripture for the week

ScriptureFor just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man comes. In those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage right up to the day when Noah went into the ark. They were unaware of what was happening until the flood came and swept all of them away. That's how it will be when the Son of Man comes. Matthew 24:37-39

Last week I had the privilege of attending a lecture on teaching the Holocaust to Learners at the Durban Holocaust Centre. The lecture was presented by the eminent British Historian, Laurence Rees, who wrote and produced the BBC documentaries ‘The Nazis: A Warning from History’ and ‘Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution’. I also had the honour to meet the last Holocaust survivor in the Durban area.

What struck me about his lecture was that as humans we don’t seem to learn from the lessons of History, if we had, we would be living in a better world than we know today. For Historians are reluctant in trying to predict the future but they do give us warnings from what History teaches us and what an apocalyptic warning he gave us!

No different from the prophetic warning Jesus gives us in this passage of scripture of what the future holds. Jesus will return to wrap all things up. We need to be aware that it could happen at any time and for us not to be caught off guard as were the people at the time of Noah. Jesus’ return will be as quick as a flash of lightning Matthew 24:27 “For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man”. Are we ready for His return? God’s plan is to rescue and restore our relationship with Himself. Have we made peace with God and our fellow man? Maybe now is the time to do so.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

As the year draws to a close we are carefully managing a number of capital projects that have to be ready by the start of the New Year. The biggest of these is of course the completion of the High School classroom block. One of the most exciting aspects of this project is not the building itself, but the internal furnishings. While classrooms in many schools still look the same as they did 100 years ago, the learning environment now needs to be structured differently. The old layout of separate desks in rows is becoming archaic and modular furniture that can be fitted together is now deemed to be more appropriate. This can then allow for collaboration and teamwork more closely related to the modern workplace environment. We have budgeted generously to allow for a “21st Century” classroom to start finding its place at Thomas More.

Smartphones and tablets are already being widely used in the classrooms of forward thinking schools. Chalkboards or white boards are no longer enough and interactive “smart boards” are now present in most classrooms at the school.

As a spin off, one classroom will be expanded and converted into a Science laboratory and one of the Biology Laboratories will be upgraded.

In the Junior Primary, a building will be added to allow for a second Grade 000 classroom. Alterations are also being made to the Villa premises to provide accommodation for teacher interns. 


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Our world is becoming increasingly connected and thus issues such as racism, sexism and inequality, amongst others are enjoying more prominence in our young people’s minds.

Our Life Orientation programmes engage deeply with topics such as those mentioned above, amongst others such as leadership, disability, youth unemployment and social media practices.

Our assemblies also address such issues, and our theme months address these social issues richly. Special guest speakers are invited to engage our children during these themed months (both in assemblies and in lessons) on these topics.

We have seen an awakening of consciousness in our young people. Just this year a group of Grade 11s and 12s launched our Current Affairs Youth Council. They met fortnightly during breaks to discuss and unpack topical issues. They then orchestrated our inaugural Youth Week, during which themes such as ‘Understanding White Privilege’ and ‘Youth Empowerment’ were explored, both by our own children and guest speakers.

We acknowledge that Citizenship is a critically valuable disposition for our young people upon leaving school. They will need to be ready to take their place in society and understand the role they can and must play. From informal discussions and debates in all subjects, to more formal debates in our Current Affairs Youth Council, to topical discussions in our Family Groups, to pupil-inspired initiatives such as addressing White Privilege head on during Youth Week, there is a healthy balance between formal and informal platforms for engagement.

As this awareness grows, our school and its structures will morph accordingly. Like the formation of the Youth Council by our young activists at TMC this year, it is incumbent on school leaders to acknowledge the voice of the youth; 1976 must neither be trivialised nor flouted for politically expedient purposes. It must remind us that we mean it when we say that “the youth are our future”, and that we have been blessed with working with them today. They have a voice; it must be encouraged to rise and be heard. It must be encouraged to rise with compassion, composure and empathy. It must be encouraged to rise with integrity, passion and purpose. These are Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today!

Thus, whilst it may be uncomfortable at times, we must remain prepared to engage inconvenient truths with our young people at Thomas More College. In keeping with our motto, such “Truth Conquers All”.  


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Well done to all those who took part in the Public Speaking finals on your confidence, composure and the excellent speeches that were made. The judges had a hard task coming up with the final places. The teachers were very proud of all of you who participated.

Congratulations to all those who performed in the Sunset Proms on Friday on the high standard and thank you for the many hours of preparation that went into it. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and commend you on your performances. Thank you once again to Mrs Ramasamy, Mr Ganasen and Mrs Lizane Watson (as well as to Mr Balarin) for supporting the pupils and assisting them and to Gareth Woodley who always offers technical support at our productions, no matter how busy he is! It is much appreciated!

Equally rewarding was the netball festival we hosted on Saturday where our girls in general did very well. Many thanks to all the coaches for the time and effort that went into this and to Mrs Steyn, the Code Head. The girls had a wonderful time and their game improved as they played.

From Tuesday to Thursday this week our Grade 7s will be showing their entrepreneurial skills at break in the area outside the library. This is a stimulating project and one which hones their marketing and business skills and provides pleasure for their pupil and staff customer base. Well done to Mrs Nicholas (supported by Mrs Purdon) for empowering them to rise to the challenge. Their posters are up with QR codes which can be scanned linking to well thought out video clips and appealing adverts. There will be a wide variety of stalls, from jewellery and craft items to funky items for younger children and a mouthwatering range of different edible delights and refreshments! Please do give your child a little extra to spend at this market. The High School will also be able to support them, as will the JP, who will be accompanied by their teachers. We wish them good business acumen and much practical learning in a fun-filled way.

We are a mirror of life and the choices we make. We can be certain that those who finish strong are the ones who are able to pass more compliments, love more unconditionally, smile more, laugh more and improve their levels of competence more. We encourage all of our boys and girls in these closing weeks of 2017, whether they are on the sport fields or in the classrooms, or writing exams or tests, or whether they are participating in award ceremonies, farewells, concerts and/or carol services to give of their absolute best. May they be guided by good decision making, coupled with a loving heart and a true sense of the Thomas More ethos and spirit.

How great it is to affirm a child’s qualities, progress and achievements with words, like, “I love you!”; “I am proud of you!” and “I am privileged to be/love being your parent/ teacher/coach”!

Best wishes to you all for the full week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit for further info. 




none to award this week.










Simone Cairns - for her kind and friendly nature and her willingness to help others.


Jaime Butler - for her sweet, gentle nature, creativity and great baking skills.


Cameron Griffen - for an improved work ethic.


Jenna Tozer - for her kind, gentle nature and for always trying her best.


Emily MacDougall - for her kind and friendly nature and for always being positive.


Bryan Ireland - for his friendly, positive attitude and always giving of his best.


Nikolas Bratos - for his pleasant nature, good manners and consistent hard work.


Chloe Peixoto - for her continual positive attitude and enthusiasm in all she does.


Bryce James - for his positive start to the term and improved work ethic.


Ethan Hughes - for his mature approach to school life.


Gareth Serfontein - for making an effort to be more organised.


Owami Zulu - for his confidence and cheerful nature.


Abagility Maths National Championships

There were a total of 212 children from all over the country who took part in the event.  Competition was tough and we are very pleased with the following results:

Michaela Kapnias - Top Achiever Trophy (3rd Kyu exam level)

Visilios Kapnias - Gold Medal (6th Kyu exam level)

Well done to both on outstanding results.



Cultural Achievements


Congratulations to Jaymee Lang (Gr 6M) who passed her piano exam, rock and pop grade 2 with merit. She also passed her ballet exam with merit (test 4 cechetti). Well done Jaymee.



Congratulations to Emma Beyers and Alison Loubser-Goldblatt on having achieved more than 70% for their recent Cecchetti Ballet Exams and being invited to dance at the annual gala performance at the Playhouse last Saturday. Well done to both these young ladies.


Congratulations to Dayna Deeble for passing her grade 3 cecchetti classical ballet exam with distinction (90%).  Well done Dayna.


Irish Dancing

Congratulations to Stephanie de Moor who competed in the South African championships for Irish dancing and was placed 3rd in her Bun Hornpipe and 5th in the 2-hand Ceili. Well done Stephanie.

Sporting Achievements

SP U11A Cricket vs Penzance
Thomas More batted first and scored 119 all out; Braydan Doran 61, Alexander Jackson 14, Travis McMaster 10, Jason Reed 8.
Penzance scored 121/5 Phila Nkosi 6 Overs 13/0; Braydan Doran 6 overs 20/1; Alexander Jackson 5 overs 19/0; Ryan Browning 6 overs 22/2; Travis McMaster 3 overs 19/2.

Penzance won by 5 wickets.

SP U11A Cricketvs Winston Park
Winston Park scored 176/7 ; Max Buchan 6 overs 20/1; Ryan Browning 6 overs 23/2; Miguel de Freitas 5 overs 27/0; Braydan Doran 4 overs 27/1; Adam Grey 3 overs 17/0.
Thomas More scored 145 all out ; Ryan Browning 45 ; Bryan Ireland 22 ; Max Buchan 13.

Winston Park won by 31 runs.


SP Girls' Indoor Hockey

U13 vs Hillcrest won 4-1

U12 vs Hillcrest won 4-1


SP 2nd Team Cricket vs Reddam Umhlanga

TMPS 93 for 7 after 20

Reddam -95 for 5

TMPS lost by 5 wickets

Jared Christie 45 no.


SP Girls' Water polo

U11A vs DGC 6-5 won

U11A vs DGC U11B 6-0 won

U11A vs Maris Stella 0-2 Lost

U11B vs DGC 3-0 won

U11B vs DGC U11A 0-6 Lost

U11B vs Maris Stella U11A 1-4 Lost


HS Boys' Water Polo

TMC U14A vs Glenwood U14B - won 8-1

TMC U15A vs Glenwood Drew 2-2

TMC 1st Team vs Glenwood - Lost 3-10

TMC U15A vs CLL U18A - won 14-0

TMC stayers vs CNC U17 - won 16-0


HS Girls' Water Polo

TMC 1st Team vs Kloof - Won 19-1


HS Cricket

Kloof U14A 41 all out (Sim 3/7). TMC U14A 44/2. TMC won by 8 wickets.

TMC U15A 131/9. Kloof 76 all out (Nyandeni 4/19). TMC won by 55 runs.

Kloof 2nds 67 all out. TMC 60 all out. Kloof won by 7 runs.

Kloof 1st Team 226/7 (Davies 3/39). TMC 1st Team 153 all out (Olivier 44, Davies 31, Blythen 30). Kloof won by 73 runs.


KZN Cricket

Congratulations to Lola Lee who has made the U19 KZN Cricket team with the IPT tournament being held in Port Elizabeth in the second week of December 2017. Well done Lola.