Our Grade 0 children thoroughly enjoyed their sports day last Friday.
The Horse's Mouth
Thomas More College
News from the Horse's Mouth
  18 September 2017
Newsletter 31
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - confirms the Board of Trustees intentions to keep fee increases as low as possible in years to come.
  • Dave Wiggett - 11 full days remain for our 2017 Matric group.
  • Barbara Taljard - thanks all who were involved in creating a truly magnificent Egyptian evening for our Grade 5 pupils.


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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager




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Scripture for the week

ScriptureTherefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with their neighbour, for we are members one of another. Ephesians 4:25

If we view God as the God of truth, He therefore always speaks the truth. In Ephesians 4:15 Paul writes we must speak the truth in love, simply put: how would I want someone else to tell me the truth? I must speak it in the same way. It’s often a difficult one to put into action as truth usually cuts through to the heart of the matter and it regularly offends but also convicts us of the lies in our own lives. We humans don’t take too kindly to that! However, we must understand that truthfulness is important to God as He is the God of truth and hates lying and falsehood. It is contrary to God’s holy nature - for lying is in the hands of the devil and as Jesus said in John 8:44 “Whenever he tells a lie he speaks in character, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

Truthfulness is important to God because truth is the foundation for all communication. When the first sin was committed back with Adam and Eve, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake and the snake “didn’t have leg to stand on”. We humans have struggled in this area ever since. It’s rather bizarre that we seem to think we can fool God by being dishonest because He knows our every thought and action but we still try to hide it from Him as did Adam and Eve back in the beginning (Genesis 3:8). We need to trust in the promise that God is the God of truth and can be trusted!

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

The magnificent rain that we had over the past weekend has truly heralded the arrival of spring. The winter sports activities certainly take their toll on the fields and it is wonderful to see fresh new shoots springing up.

The letter explaining the school fee increase for next year went out to parents last week. We are acutely aware of the ongoing recession and the huge financial challenges that are facing many Thomas More families. The overriding theme of the 2018 budget has been to keep the costs down in order to improve the affordability of the school. Throughout the process we were mindful of the fact that excellence is also expected. It has been a long and hard process, but we were delighted with the final outcome. The increase per grade has been capped at a maximum of 5%. This is by far the lowest fee increase that I have known in my 16 years at Thomas More College. Unfortunately I will not be here in future years, but I am certainly comforted by the intention of the Board to keep increases as low as possible for the immediate future.


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Excluding this term’s break-up day and their dress-up day on Thursday 12 October, our Grade 12s have 11 “full” days of school left. No matter how many times one waxes lyrical to Grade 12s about how quickly the year goes by, one only truly believes that cliché once their Grade 12 year has gone by.

My biggest fear for any Grade 12 is that they leave school with a sense of regret; many do. With a sobering, cyclical predictability, too many matrics have regrets to share with me at the end of the year. Some of the regular regrets include (but are certainly not limited to) not getting involved in extramural activities, or missed opportunities about not affording more effort for their studies, or possibly for just being passive at school and allowing school to happen to them, instead of seeking out opportunities fiercely to develop and test their own thinking, opinions and abilities.

In chatting informally to a number of mentors on our Homegrown day last term, I asked them what they look for in candidates whom they may consider employing. An overwhelming theme developed: employers are looking for young people who can make decisions and have the courage and conviction to see them through, even of the decision taken was the wrong one in the end. Thus, whilst it may sound obvious that education’s goal is to create independent thinkers, I do question just how school-based education endeavours to create independent thinking.

Much of basic education seems infatuated with content and how much and accurately young people can consume and repeat it.

My deepest wish is that our young people question content and what they can do with it. This goes beyond parrot-fashion learning and cramming. It speaks to a mindset of interrogating the status quo (for it is shifting significantly, continually and exponentially in our world). It speaks to a mindset that is comfortable with change, and can adapt to new ideas and new ways of interacting with information. The world our young people are inheriting is volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (known as the VUCA principle).

Thus, if there’s one regret I hope our young people do NOT have when they leave Thomas More College, it is that they claim not to be engaged fully with their reality and world. Our young people need to be fully present and empowered to meet and thrive in their VUCA world of life after school. Our academic, sporting, cultural, leadership, spiritual and outreach programmes should, therefore, not be seen as opportunities to accrue awards and build up sparkling resumés; rather, they should be seen as opportunities to learn deeply about ourselves and others and, in so doing, I see space for very little regret when our Grade 12s take their leave of us.

In closing (and this will be my last article for this term), I want to thank the high school staff unreservedly for navigating a term which has demanded much of them. It has been a term of entertaining and designing change as we look (forward) to challenges the future holds. I also need to acknowledge all those members of staff who coach, mentor, manage and direct the many activities in which we are engaged beyond the classroom. Again, I stand firm by my assertion that the key factor behind our capacity to “punch above our weight” across all spheres of school life rests solely upon the fact that our staff offer as much of themselves as they do to our entire offering.

I will be attending our ISASA Heads’ Conference in Cape Town as of Thursday, followed by the International Conference of Principals, and visiting some forward-thinking, inspired schools thereafter.

I wish everyone a blessed September break. Thank you all – staff, parents and pupils – for an outstanding term.  


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Congratulations to all of our Egyptian citizens and their pharaohs (Class teachers) on a truly magnificent banquet last night in the Mackenzie Centre. I am glad I was able to address you in my royal regalia on screen and was also able to get away for a very short while from my meeting to be there and see how superb the decor was and especially how wonderful all our Grade 5 boys and girls looked. Thank you to Mr Hooper for presiding over the proceedings on my behalf. I hope you all have wonderful and special memories of this spectaculr event which you will treasure for always. Once again a huge thank you to all the Grade 5 teachers and parents for all the hard work which has gone into making this auspicious occasion possible. I know our pupils will also all enjoy the fun and activitives on your Egyptian Day today.

Every precaution has continued to be taken to ensure the safety of each and every child when away on their grade trips later this week, in terms of activities that are done and transport. Please rest assured that we do not take this lightly and want this to be an enjoyable highlight of the current academic year. Thank you to Mr Moolman (Dean of Boys and HOD: trips etc.) and to all staff in each grade.

I will also be away from Thursday, returning the following week Tuesday, after the long week-end, attending the ISASA/ SAHISA Heads’ conference and ICP ( International Confederation of Principals) in Cape Town. This is always a wonderful opportunity to find out best practice and ensure we are staying on the forefront educationally and doing the best for each and every pupil. Should anything urgent crop up please contact my deputy, Graham Hooper. I will also only be responding to e-mails on my return.

In our SP assembly time the last couple of weeks, we have been giving feedback in a story/ interactive format to our pupils re their responses to some questions raised during the IQAA survey. The feedback has been well received and hopefully will lead to a greater understanding all round.

Please remember that Monday is National Heritage Day and a public holiday, so no school. A reminder therefore that the SP Parent teacher interviews take place next Wednesday from 15:30 to 18:30 in the Habberton Hall.

All the very best to you all for another busy week and an enjoyable long week-end, on the return of our children from their grade trips on Friday. School restarts on Tuesday morning at the usual time. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit www.wetrockadventuresco.za for further info. 



Caden Webster - for participating enthusiastically during shared reading.  Keep this up my boy.


Khwezi Maphanga - for his excellent progress in reading and sentence writing.  I love your creative ideas.


Cameron Pietersen - for the lovely creativity shown in his written sentences this week.  Well done my boy.


Rachel Cunningham - for her consistent neat work, beautiful smile and friendly manner.


Mbonisi Zulu - for being singled out by the coach of a visiting school for having wonderful manners and great sportsmanship on the Hockey field.  You make us proud.


Rachel Beyers - for her wonderful talk on giraffes.


Angela Staples - for trying so hard and for always giving of her best.


Nomvelo Meyiwa - for an improvement in her Maths working and for never giving up.  Well done Nomvelo I am so proud of you.


Ruairi Valentine - for making a good effort to focus on tasks and work at a good pace.


Aiden Smith - for excellent Maths and much improved handwriting.


Meyka Chetty - for excellent organisation, diligence and responsibility.


Troy Wentzel - for his positive approach to his school day.


Jordan Bezuidenhout - for her diligence in class and lovely result in her English and Language test.


Miguel de Freitas - for his positive approach to his school day and his friendly nature.


Brayden Doran - for his kind nature and excellent Maths test result.


Chelsea Hornby - for her improved organisation skills and positive attitude to her school work.


Rylie Owens - for her excellent results in both her Geography and English language tests.


Dylan Thomas - for his superb descriptive paragraph about a man and his brother.


Jordyn Cheary - for her happy "cheery" nature and her kindness and consideration towards all friends.


Morgan Scott - for his perseverance and continued hard work.


Vishal Nathoo - for his improved attitude towards his school day.


Cultural Achievements

Speech & Drama

Congratulations to Rhys Maritz who has been awarded a bursary by the South African Speech And Drama Association for doing so well during the festival.  What a fabulous achievement.


Spanish Dancing

Well done to all these children for achieving a diploma in Spanish dancing: Sienna Raath, Sara Clark, Sophie Buccimazza, Alessandro Buccimazza, Lauren Bigalke, Tara Saint, Tayla Summerford and Sebastian Watson.

Sporting Achievements


Congratulations to Ruby du Plessis who took part in a Dressage event over the weekend. Dressage is such a different discipline to what Ruby is used to, but all her hard work and determination, plus the dedication of her trainer and the help of a very sweet and talented pony payed off.  Ruby received a 2nd place in both classes scoring marks of 70 and 75,36 for her tests. She was commended on her beautifully ridden tests and how her and her pony were a pleasure to judge. We are so proud of her hard work. This form of riding requires focus and such discipline. Well done Ruby.


We wish Jordan Clark all the best as he will be representing Thomas More and his province at the Vaulting SA Champs which are being held 22 - 25 September at Galloping Winds in Ballito. Good luck Jordan.


HS Boys’ Indoor Hockey

TMC U14A vs Westville BHS – Lost 0-6

TMC U16A vs Kearsney – Lost 2-3


HS Girls’ Water Polo

TMC U14A vs Danville – Won 13-3

TMC 2nds vs Danville U16A – Drew 7-7

TMC 1st Team vs Danville – Won 11-1


HS Boys’ Water Polo

TMC U14A vs Westville BHS – Lost 0-13

TMC U15A vs Westville BHS – Drew 5-5

TMC 1st Team vs Westville BHS – Lost 2-9


HS Girls’ Softball

TMC 1st Team vs DGHS – Lost 13-4

TMC 1st Team vs Inanda – Lost 13-4


SP Junior Girls' Hockey vs Winston Park

U10A 5 - 1 TMC won

U10B 4 - 0 TMC won

U10C 1 - 1 draw

U11A 10 - 0 TMC won

U11B 7 - 1 TMC won

U11C 1 - 1 draw


SP Girls' Hockey vs Umhlanga College

U10A 2 - 8 TMC lost

U10B 9 - 0 TMC won

U10C 2 - 1 TMC won

U11A 5 - 1 TMC won

U11B 1 - 0 TMC won

3rds 3 - 0 TMC won

2nds 2 - 0 TMC won

1st 2 - 1 TMC won


SP Girls' Hockey vs Atholl Heights

U10A 5 - 4 TMC won

U10B 4 - 0 TMC won

U11A 6 - 0 TMC won

U11B 1 - 0 TMC won

2nds 3 - 0 TMC won

1st 2 - 2 draw


SP Girls' Hockey vs Northdene Preparatory School

U10A 4 - 0 TMC won

U10B 7 - 0 TMC won

U11A 8 - 0 TMC won

U11B 4 - 1 TMC won

2nds 4 - 0 TMC won

1st 5 - 0 TMC won


SP Girls' Hockey vs Hillcrest

U10A 5 - 1 TMC won

U10B 4 - 0 TMC won

U11A 2 - 0 TMC won

U11B 3 - 0 TMC won

3rds 0 - 3TMC lost

2nds 5 - 0 TMC won

1st 1 - 0 TMC won


SP Boys' Soccer vs Westville

U10A 1 - 1 draw

U10B 1 - 2 TMC lost (vs U10C)

U11A 0 - 2 TMC lost

U11B 3 - 3 draw (vs U11C)

5ths 4 - 1 TMC won (vs 7ths)

4ths 0 - 1 TMC lost (vs 6ths)

3rds 2 - 0 TMC won (vs 5ths)

2nds 2 - 0 TMC won (vs 3rds)

1st 0 -1 TMC lost


SP Senior Boys' Hockey vs Highbury

3rds (vs 5ths) 0 - 0 draw

2nds (vs 3rds) 1 - 3 TMC lost

1st 0 - 2 TMC lost


SP Junior Boys' Hockey vs Highbury

U10A 2 - 5 TMC lost

U10B(vs C's) 1 - 7 TMC lost

U10C (vs F's) 1 - 4 TMC lost

U11A 0 - 3 TMC lost

U11B (vs C's) 1 - 3 TMC lost

U11C (vs D's) 0 - 4 TMC lost 



Congratulations to James Dreyer who has won many swimming badges at Water warriors swimming club.


Spur Schools' Mountain Bike Series

Congratulations to the following Foundation Phase pupils, Dylan Tozer, James Nisbet and Adam Labuschagne who all completed the KZN Spur Schools' Mountain Bike Challenge at Thomas More College last weekend. They received medals for their participation. Well done boys.  Dylan must also be commended for stopping to help a fellow competitor who had slipped in the conservancy and was struggling to retrieve his bike and get going again.  We are super proud of you Dylan.


Congratulations to the High School Mountain Biking Team. The team competed in the KZN Spur Schools' Mountain Bike series and finished in 1st Place. A special mention to the following riders who finished in top positions. T. Keep (1st place in Junior Female category), H. Stiebel (2nd place in Junior Female category), C. Leveridge (1st place in Junior Male category) and T. Stedman (1st Place in Male Youth category). Well done to all our riders.



Congratulations to Ryan Browning and Ross Hoffman, both boys placed in the Wilson Singles Tournament (Final Round to get to Masters)  at Westridge Stadium.  Ross placed 2nd in his section and Ryan came 3rd in his section and 4th overall.  The boys then played together in the "Wimbledon" Tournament on the weekend and came second overall out of 20 couples.  Well done boys.


HS Soccer
We would like to congratulate the following girls on making their respective KZN soccer teams:
Stephanie Tshuma
U14A Non-Travelling reserves:
Ile Bothma
Danielle Rockey
Isabella Velleman
Lola Lee
Carmen Vicent
Courtney Sim

Tatum Olivier