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  04 September 2017
Newsletter 29
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson -  shares improvements at Café de More and to traffic flow.
  • Dave Wiggett - announces the re-configured management structure within the High School.
  • Barbara Taljard - addresses dress code concerns.



KZN Spur mountain bike league (Final) will be held at Thomas More College on Sunday 10 September 2017. Our High school is currently leading the schools log, with the Primary school in 19th position. Please come and support this event on the day.  New riders welcome! 

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

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Scripture for the week

ScripturePilate said to him, "So you are a king?" Jesus answered, "You say that I am a king. I was born for this, and I came into the world for this: to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice." Pilate said to him, "What is 'truth'?" John 18:37-38

I love our school motto “Vincit Omnia Veritas” “Truth Conquers All” and over the coming weeks we shall look at what is meant by truth. Like Pilate most of us wonder “What is truth?” In fact Pilate was standing before Truth itself. Earlier on in the Gospel of John the Apostle Thomas asks Jesus (John 14:5) "Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life…” In our society like Pilate many mock this concept of truth and that truth seems irrelevant, that it is relative, and that it is unknowable: That the truth is whatever you make of it or what you want it to be. As Christians we see truth personalised, for the truth is what Christ our Lord said it is, His very self and we can know Him. How awesome is that!

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

Our new coffee shop, Café de More, has proved very popular and has added great value since opening at the beginning of 2016. There have however been times when it does not cope with the demand. This happens at big events, and on occasions on busy mornings. We have just recently put additional measures in place to cope with peak times. An extra staff member will be added for the early mornings when the current barista is also operating the till. This should address the delays. We have also shortened the menu for days of big events. This will mean much faster service.

We are acutely aware of the fact that the High School building operations have had a considerable impact on the traffic flow. This is more severe at the end of the school day, particularly when the Junior Primary hockey fixtures start before the High School finishes. We will open the Insala Road gate at these peak times in order to reduce congestion. 


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Much of our strategic focus has been firmly focused on 2018 and beyond in recent months. As expressed in previous editions of this publication, we are focusing on the increased relevance and purpose of our academic programme, along with the complementary programmes we run, be they of a sporting, cultural or community-upliftment bent.

We have also re-configured the leadership and management structures of the high school. I am pleased to inform you of the following appointments to the High School leadership team with effect 1 January 2018:

Deputy Head:  Academics:  Mrs Debbie Kerdachi

HOD:  Pastoral: Mrs Vasantha Moodley

HOD:  Extra Mural: Miss Wanri Venter

Mr Ireland (Deputy Head: Policy and Operations) and I look forward to leading the school with Mrs Kerdachi, Mrs Moodley and Miss Venter as we strive to make our school the most dynamic, exciting, compelling and enjoyable education space in the Upper Highway area.

I want to thank all staff who attended our Grade Camps last week. I appreciate very much indeed the time spent away from home and family to facilitate these growth opportunities for our children. I hope your children enjoyed their respective camp experiences.

We continue to uphold our Grade 12s in thought and prayer as they remain engaged with their Prelim Examinations. It really is a sobering reality that only four weeks remain of Term 3, followed by one week of Term 4 for these Grade 12s. Hopefully it’s been a case of ‘time flying’ for all the right reasons…Well, one can live in hope.

In closing, I am happy to invite any Grade 9 parents and children who are considering IT as a subject choice for next year, as well as current Grade 10 and 11 children (and their parents) who take IT, to meet and discuss IT matters with Mrs Rani Mudaly, our new IT teacher who will commence duties as of January 2018, this week. She will be available:

Date: Thursday 7 September, 2017

Time: 17:15

Venue: High School IT Lab (currently Mr Mackay’s classroom)

I wish you all a wonderful, Spring-inspired week ahead. 


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Thank you very much to all those pupils who donated dog food and blankets for the Inanda Valley Dogs Trust- it is much appreciated.

We are very proud of our athletes who excelled on Friday and Saturday at the Kings’ Park Stadium in the Inter-Zonal round of the KZN Christian Schools’ athletics meeting. 32 of them will be representing the KZN Christian Schools’ team to compete in Sasolburg at the end of the term. Thanks to Sarah de Leeuw and Marie Steyn for being willing to accompany them, as well as to all those who have coached them or been instrumental in any way.

It is also Secretary’s Day this Wednesday. We would like to pay tribute to these very special people who support us in what we do, make our lives streamlined and work very hard behind the scenes to make things possible. We appreciate you and salute you for the special role you play at Thomas More!

Unfortunately not all our youngsters are wearing their school uniform with pride – or even wearing it correctly! We constantly have to nag some of the boys about having their hair cut-as stipulated in our code of conduct.

In the case of girls, hair that is over the collar in length should be tied up- using the plain TMC black or white accessories.

Regulation black school shoes should be worn daily.

Correct track tops is another issue. ONLY the TMC official track top is permitted (zipped up), and/or the grey TMC jersey. No blankets. If it is a really cold day, children should be wearing their full tracksuit, with their jersey under the top to keep them warm. The tracksuit pants are not permitted to be worn only with the jersey. Tracksuits tops are also an essential item to wear to sport matches, where the entire team is meant to be sporting one before the event starts. The black rain jacket is for rainy days only, and was never intended for daily use or use in the classrooms, nor may it be worn as such. Please therefore do not allow your child to wear it to school on colder days.

We are proud of our school, and our pupils and all we stand for and do not want to hear any disparaging comments when children fail to comply with school dress or hair codes. We thus ask you to support us in ensuring our pupils wear their uniforms correctly, with pride as well-balanced, happy and confident TMC ambassadors.

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead- hopefully a normal one with all our children (and staff) at school! 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit for further info. 


Please send us photographs of your children enjoying their Weekly Achiever vouchers at Wetrock to



Alex Bennett - for completing her tasks and with much improved independence.


Maria Hannekom - for her consistent effort and willingness to learn when faced with new challenges.  This is a wonderful way to approach school.


Jamie Geyser - for showing greater independence in the early morning and giving of his best with his work.


Sebastian Watson - for his commitment and involvement in dance, speech and drama and lovely show and tell


Jane Bester - for her wonderfully interesting show and tell.  Well done.


Senamile Madlala - for her amazing sentences.


Casey Venton - for her joy and enthusiasm as well as her kind and generous heart.


Maddison Hoyle - for persevering in all her tasks to ensure they are completed on time and done well.


Gubhuza Mlambo - for his cheerful attitude and for always working well.


Ella Krautz - for her responsible and diligent approach to her school day.


Isabella Fuini - for her willingness to help others and for diligence in all she does.


Daniel Linnet - for a responsible attitude towards his school work.


Matthew Bonsor - for his keen sense of humour and for a lovely result in his Maths tables test.


Somila Ngcongco - for always trying hard and for his positive outlook towards his school day.


Ashtyn Cason - for her positive attitude and excellent work ethic.


Olivia Thompson - for her improved efforts with homework and super mathematics results.


Matthew Reinecke - for his excellent sprinting performance recently at Kings Park Athletics stadium.


Ezra Haug - for his love of reading.  He has started his 3rd reading card and has completed 30 long books.


Jocelym McAllister - for her great effort at the Equestrian event this weekend.


Conall Steenkamp - for his continued excellence in Maths and his diligence.


Jamie Rice - for her continued hard work and positive attitude.


Academic Achievements


Congratulations to Micaela Fernandes on being awarded her Gold Certificate in Mathletics.  Well done Micaela.

Cultural Achievements

Irish Dancing

Congratulations to Naomi Easson on being awarded 2 silver medals and 2 fourth places at the recent Durban North Irish Dancing Feis.  Well done Naomi.

Sporting Achievements

HS Soccer Tournament @ DHS

All of our boys’ soccer A teams and our 1st team girls’ took part in the DHS 5-a-side soccer tournament this past Sunday. Some of the outstanding results can be seen below:

Boys’ U14A vs Hillcrest – Won 1-0

Boys’ U14A vs Reddam Umhlanga – Won 2-0

Boys’ U14A vs Northwood – Drew 0-0

Boys’ U14A vs Durban North College – Won 7-0

Boys U15A vs Kloof – Drew 0-0

Boys U15A vs Port Shepstone – Drew 1-1

Boys’ U16A vs Crawford LL – Won 1-0

Boys’ U16A vs Northwood - Drew 0-0

Boys’ U16A vs Ashton - Drew 0-0

Boys’ 1st Team vs St. Benedicts – Won 2-0

Boys’ 1st Team vs Sithokozile – Won 2-0

Boys’ 1st Team vs Northwood – Won 2-0

Boys’ 1st Team vs Ashton – Won 2-0

Boys’ 1st Team vs Bechet – Won 2-0

Girls’ 1st Team vs St. Benedicts – Won 3-0

Girls’ 1st Team vs Hillcrest – Won 2-1

Girls’ 1st Team vs Grantleigh – Won 2-0

Girls’ 1st Team vs Ashton – Won 1-0

Girls’ 1st Team vs Grosvenor – Won 1-0

The Boys’ U14A’s played in the semi-final against Crawford La Lucia. They won this game 1-0. They then beat Eshowe in the Final to win the tournament.

The girls’ 1st Team unfortunately lost 1-0 against St. Mary’s in the semi-final.

Carmen Vicent was awarded Girls’ Player of the Tournament and Hayden Brimelow received the Boys’ U14 Player of the Tournament award.


SP Girls' Hockey vs Kloof

U10A 4 - 0 TMC won

U10B 5 - 0 TMC won

U10C 4 - 0 TMC won

U11A 6 - 1 TMC won

U11B 2 - 0 TMC won

2nds 9 - 0 TMC won

1st 3 - 0 TMC won


SP 5-a-Side Boys' Soccer Tournament

Thomas More Senior Primary sent three sides, U10; U11 and an Open team to participate.

We would like to congratulate the U11 boys for winning their pool (undefeated) and advancing to the semi-finals where they came up against a very strong Pinetown Senior Primary team. We scored first but could not keep our advantage and Pinetown came back even stronger forcing 5 minutes of extra time. The boys showed character but ran out of steam going down 1 - 3.

With some great soccer being played and skill by individuals, the morning was enjoyed by all.


Multisport - Swim/Cycle/RunBiddy

Congratulations to Bridget Theunissen (pictured right) who competed in her first international race at the ITU Multisport World Championships held in Canada recently. Bridget, 15 yrs old, competed in the U19 age group and achieved 2nd place. She was up against competitors from other parts of the world, some who were in their final year of this age group and moving up to U23. Bridget participated in the X-Tri sprint which consisted of a 1000m swim, 12km cycle and a 5km trail run. Well done Bridget, we are extremely proud of you.

SP Toppies 'n Tots

Winners - Lexi and Les Horwood

Hacker Award - Les Dedekind

Freshee Award - Les Dedekind

Tots Nearest the pin - Mandy Olejniczak

Toppies Nearest the pin - Les Horwood

Tots Longest drive - Samuel Schmitz

Toppies Longest drive - Ryan Conway



Congratulations to Courtney Sim who has made the U18 KZN surfboarding team and will be travelling down to Jeffrey’s for the SA champs from 3 - 8 October 2017.  Well done Courtney.


KZN Athletics

Well done to all our athletes who competed over the weekend:


Kai McCormick - 4th 600m 5th 80m. Qualified for the KZN team


Stella Reinecke - 2nd High Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Ella Randle - 7th 100m 4th 80m Qualified for the KZN team

Bjorn Bekker - 4th 100m 10th Long Jump 5th 80m Qualified for the KZN team

Sqnobile Ndawo - 6th 100m 2nd Long Jump 1st 80m 3rd 1200m Qualified for the KZN team

Connor Cadle - 3rd Shotput Qualified for the KZN team

Connor MacKinnon - 4th Shotput Qualified for the KZN team

Emily Morgan - 7th 1200m


Ashleigh Serfontein - 5th Long Jump 2nd High Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Hugo Gildenhuys - 9th Long Jump

Qhawekazi Madlala - 1st 100m 1st 80m Qualified for the KZN team

Damian Watson - 3rd 100m 2nd 80m Qualified for the KZN team

Alwande Mbonambi - 1st High Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Michael Jolly - 2nd High Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Izabella Chetty - 1st 1200m Qualified for the KZN team


Grace Youldon - 5th Shotput Qualified for the KZN team

Nikolaos Bratos - 2nd Shotput Qualified for the KZN team

James Cleland - 4th Shotput 4th High Jump 1st Long Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Karissa Paul - 1st 150m 5th High Jump 1st 100m 2nd Long Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Ethan McCormick - 2nd 150m 1st 1200m Qualified for the KZN team

Nthabiseng Mthethwa - 2nd High Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Tiaan Steyn- 2nd High Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Matthew Reinecke - 3rd 100m Qualified for the KZN team


Sarah Simpson - 2nd Shotput 6th High Jump 2nd Long Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Cade Gamble - 1st Shotput Qualified for the KZN team

Michael Fitzpatrick - 2nd Shotput Qualified for the KZN team

Jessica Smith - 8th 100m 3rd 800m 5th 200m 3rd 1500m Qualified for the KZN team

Buhlali Mhlanzi - 2nd 100m

Amy Ahlschlager - 2nd High Jump 8th Long Jump Qualified for the KZN team

Nathan Riddle - 2nd High Jump 2nd 800m 3rd Long Jump 2nd 200m Qualified for the KZN team

Buhlali Mhlanzi - 1st 800m 9th Long Jump 2nd 100m 6th High Jump Qualified for the KZN team


Luke McDaniel - 2nd 800m 1st 1500m Qualified for the KZN team

Nathan McDaniel - 3rd 800m 2nd 1500m Qualified for the KZN team