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  28 August 2017
Newsletter 28
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson -  congratulates the High School and Foundation Phase on their outstanding cultural performances, at the HS Supper and Song and the FP Cultural evening last week.
  • Barbara Taljard - the SP civvies day which takes place this Friday (in celebration of Spring Day) will support the KZN Valley Dogs.

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
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Scripture for the week

ScriptureIn the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.   He existed in the beginning with God. Through him all things were made, and apart from Him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:1

When this school was founded in 1962 its original mission statement concluded with these words: “To sum up, it may be said that the aim of Thomas More is, with the grace of God to make a small contribution towards the ideal “Omnia instaurare in Christo” – to restore all things in Christ. That is, to educate the boys as Christians, gradually to make clear to them the application of Christian principle to daily life and to behaviour and institutions of present society (with special reference, of course, to the problems of South Africa) and to prepare them to be civilised men of true value”. The aim of this statement still holds true today with exception that we are no longer just a boy’s school.

The essence of Christianity is God’s rescue plan for the world to restore this relationship between God and humanity and between ourselves – to restore all things in Christ. Further on in John 1:14 it states: “The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us”. God became man and this rescue and restoration plan came into effect with Jesus.

So what draws people to a school, what is the X factor? I believe in part it is our Christian ethos and the X here is the Cross – this rescue and restoration plan that God put into action in Jesus. God would pay the price for our sin because He loves us. Although I am constantly reminded that this community is not a church for we are in the ‘business’ of education. Very true but a church simply means a community of God’s people, so we are God’s people who happen to be in the business of education.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

Last week saw the staging of two special events that showed just how strong cultural activities are at Thomas More College at the moment. The performances at the High School Supper and Song last Wednesday evening were outstanding and I for one did not want the whole thing to end. This was followed up by the Grade 3 cultural evening on Friday. During the past few weeks we have been involved with the Grade 0 to Grade 3 Speech and Drama Festival. In this activity group and individual performances are adjudicated by the Speech and Drama Teachers Association of South Africa. I was immensely proud to hear that every single individual or group performance was awarded at least an “A” symbol. The future looks very bright.

Good luck to the matrics who have now begun their trials examinations. The end for them is in sight as once the trials are over the matrics will only have 14 school days left before their final examinations begin.

The grade trips for grades 8, 9 and 10 also take place this week and the grade 11’s will be involved with their work experience this week. After the “Home Grown” careers day last month, our pupilsare certainly getting some time to think about their futures.


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

Primary School News

A warm welcome back to our touring hockey side, who did very well on their trip to Cape Town, not only improving in their game of hockey and predominantly winning their matches, but also sightseeing and taking in what Cape Town has to offer. Thank you very much to Gary Balarin, Tracey Meikle, Rogan Lang, Graham Hooper and Jason McGarry for accompanying them. Our children certainly were in good hands and had a great time! We hope they have rested over the week-end and are fit and ready for the latter part of this busy term.

Best wishes to all our matrics, who have started their matric trials. We wish them peace of mind as they engage fully and apply their skills and knowledge, a heart that is at ease in the knowledge that they have done their best and hands to cope with the pressure of recording and writing their answers. God’s richest blessings. Best wishes too to the other grades who are away on grade trips.

Well done to both our senior siblings, many of them erstwhile SP Pupils on their “Supper and song” evening and to our younger siblings on a delightful JP cultural evening and congratulations and well done to all staff involved.

This Friday, 1 September, is the Primary School civvies day, each phase supporting a different cause. In the Senior Primary, the R10 donation to wear civvies (which is debited to your account) will go to the Valley Dogs Trust. SP pupils may also voluntarily bring tins of dog food, pellets (even just a handful) or anything else which dogs can use and take it to Mrs du Plessis’ or Mr Conway’s classrooms.

All the best to those pupils playing golf with parents in the termly “Toppies and Tots” which takes place this Friday and to those going through to the next round of Athletics on Friday and Saturday at Kings Park Stadium. We wish them all well, and also extend good wishes to our soccer boys and hockey teams for their sport matches this week.

All the best for the week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit for further info. 


Please send us photographs of your children enjoying their Weekly Achiever vouchers at Wetrock to



Khaya Mchunu - for trying so hard to complete his tasks on time.  Well done.


Tristan Gregorowski - for writing such a lovely story about what he saw from the yellow submarine.  Great job my boy.


Samantha Boyd - for working beautifully on all her tasks and for showing kind consideration towards others.


Sarah Reed - for her positive attitude, excellent work ethic, friendship and endearing smile.


Sienna Raath - for wonderful progress throughout the year and for her gentle and kind ways.


Luke Ramalakan - for putting great effort into his written work and trying so hard to present neat sentences.


Thomas Buchan - for working hard and having such good manners.


Liam Lotter - for having good manners in the classroom and on the sports field.   Keep it up Liam!


Lwezi Ngcobo - for consistently good manners and lovely progress in reading.


None to award, due to the short week.













Academic Achievements


Congratulations to Michaela Kapnias who was awarded the Champion of Champions Trophy for 1st place in her Age Group and level at the recent 3rd Annual KZN Regional Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Championships held at St Agnes Church on 19 August. Well done Michaela.


Congratulations must also be extended to Vasilios Kapnias who competed in the same event and was placed 2nd in his age group and level, and awarded the Champion Trophy. Well done Vasilios.



Congratulations to Keira Browning, Ben Frankenfeld, Sebastian Watson and Alessandro Buccimazza who have both achieved their Mathletics Gold certificates.


South African Maths Olympiad

Congratulations to Faran Steenkamp (Grade 9) on his outstanding achievements of late: Faran is a Medallist in the South African Maths Olympiad -he will attend an Awards ceremony on the 23rd September in Gordon's Bay to find out his final rank.


Computer Applications Olympiad

Faran Steenkamap came 2nd in KZN for the Computer Applications Olympiad (he competed against Grade 12s, 11s and 10s).  Well done Faran.


World Robot Olympiad

We would like to extend a big congratulations to Faran Steenkamp and Dylan Launspach on​ ​winning the KZN Provincial section of the World Robot Olympiad, Regular Category, Junior High and also being awarded Gold. Their team was the only team from KZN in this category to qualify for the National Finals at the Tshwane University of Technology on the 9th September 2017. What an outstanding achievement - well done guys! 

Cultural Achievements

Irish Dancing

Congratulations to Danielle de Moor who danced in the Durban North Irish Dancing Feis recently and won two 1st places, and two 2nd places.  Well done Danielle. 


Modern Dancing

Congratulations to Sarah Clark, Sienna Raath and Tara Saint who have all received distinctions for their Modern dance exams.  Well done girls!

Sporting Achievements

SP Tennis

Congratulations to Ashtyn Cason who played in the KZN Mini 3 Tournament, this weekend at Westridge. She was runner up in the Girls U12 Singles and Winner in U12 Doubles. Well done Ashtyn.


SP Girls' Hockey vs Maris Stella

1st 1 - 0 TMC won


SP Girls' Hockey vs St Mary's

U10A1 - 2 TMC lost

U10B 2 - 1 TMC won

U10C1 - 2 TMC lost

U10C vs U10D 1 - 0 TMC won

U11A 3 - 2 TMC won

U11B 2 - 4 TMC lost

U11C 1 - 2 TMC lost


SP Boys' Soccer vs Atholl Heights

U10A 1 - 0 TMC won

U10B 3 - 1 TMC won

U11A 0 - 2 TMC lost

U11B 2 - 3 TMC lost

5th 0 - 2 TMC lost

4th 0 - 1 TMC lost

3rd3 - 2 TMC won

2nd 0 - 0 TMC drew

1st 1 - 1 TMC drew


SP Boys' Hockey vs Northdene

U10A 7 - 0 TMC won

U10B 11 - 1 TMC won

U11A 3 - 0 TMC won

U11B 5 - 0 TMC won

2nds 4 - 0 TMC won


SP Girls' Hockey vs Maris Stella

U10A 4 - 2 TMC won

U10B 0 - 2 TMC lost

U11A 6 - 0 TMC won

U11B 2 - 0 TMC won


SP Girls' Hockey vs Maris Stella

U10A 4 -2 TMC won

U10B 0 - 2 TMC lost

U11A 6 - 0 TMC won

U11B 2 - 0 TMC won


SP Boys' Soccer vs Hillcrest

U10A 4 - 0 TMC won

U10B 3 - 0 TMC won

U11A 2 - 1 TMC won

U11B 0 - 5 TMC lost

2nds 2 - 1 TMC won

1sts 3 - 3 TMC draw



Congratulations to Dayna Deeble who competed in the KZN Provincial Qualification for Gymnastics and achieved a silver (2nd place) in her age group - level 6.  She has qualified to attend Nationals in Pretoria in the October holidays.


Congratulations to Jenna Blofield who was placed 1st in her KZN Qualifiers level 8 for gymnastics last weekend and will go to Nationals (SA Games) in Pretoria in the October holidays.



Joshua Mac Dougall recently won the KZN Tentpegging champs and was named the KZN U18 captain. Well done Joshua.



Congratulations to Arabella Balidis who has made the KZN Sanesa team for dressage and equitation. Well done Arabella.


HS Boys’ Soccer

TMC U14B vs Kearsney U14E/F – Won 11-1

TMC U14A vs Kearsney U14A – Lost 0-1

TMC U15B vs Kearnsey U15C/D – Lost 3-4

TMC U15A vs Kearnsey U15A – Lost 0-2

TMC U16B vs Kearsney U16E/F - Won 10-1

TMC U16A vs Kearsney U16A – Drew 1-1

TMC 2nds vs Kearsney 11th – Drew 1-1

TMC 1st Team vs Kearsney 1st – Lost 1-6

TMC U14B vs Pinetown BHS - Lost 0-3

TMC U14A vs Pinetown BHS – Lost 2-4

TMC U15B vs Pinetown BHS – Lost 0-4

TMC U15A vs Pinetown BHS – Lost 4-6

TMC U16B vs Pinetown BHS – Lost 2-5

TMC U16A vs Pinetown BHS – Won 2-0

TMC 2nds vs Pinetown BHS – Won 3-2

TMC 1st Team vs Pinetown BHS – Lost 0-2

KZN Soccer

Congratulations to Luthando Ndlovu on being selected for the KZN U14A Soccer Team and Kellen Coombs on being selected for the KZN U14B Soccer Team. Well done guys!


HS Girls’ Soccer

TMC U14B vs St. Mary’s – Lost 1-2

TMC U14A vs St. Mary’s – Lost 2-0

TMC U16B vs St. Mary’s – Lost 2-3

TMC U16A vs St. Mary’s – Won 4-1

TMC 2nds vs St. Mary’s – Drew 2-2

TMC 1st Team vs St. Mary’s – Drew 1-1


HS Girls’ Softball

TMC U16A vs St. Henry’s – Won 16-3

TMC 1st Team vs Westville GHS – Lost 4-9


HS Golf

TMC 1st Team vs Gelofte – Won 3-1