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 23 August 2017
Newsletter 27
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson -  addresses the topic of 'traffic' on campus.
  • Dave Wiggett - looks forward to this evening's Supper and Song, and the Grade 9 subject choice tomorrow night.
  • Barbara Taljard - wishes the High School well for Supper & Song this evening, and reminds Primary School parents of the civvies day next Friday (1 September) in support of the KZN Valley dogs.
  • Deni Hornsey - shares an article on 'busy children'.

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

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Scripture for the week

ScriptureRuth answered Naomi, "Please don't tell me to leave you and return home! I will go where you go, I will live where you live; your people will be my people, your God will be my God”. Ruth 1:16

With August being women’s month, I thought it would be good to honour women by looking at women of the Bible. Someone said once “Where would man be without women” the answer back was “the Garden of Eden”. It’s a joke; I certainly could not cope with life without my wonderful wife!

One of my favourite biblical stories is Ruth. Please read it, as it has only four chapters but what a story: beginning with tragedy but ending in joy, a story filled with loyalty, romantic love and God’s providence. So what are the pointers for us today: 1)God is concerned about all people regardless of race, nationality, or gender, for Ruth was not a Jew. She was a Moabite. God does not discriminate and He loves all people just the same. Paul writes in Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. 2). God cares about men and women; we are all one in His eyes. Christianity is a belief system that consistently honours men and women at the same level. There is no difference in His eyes.3). Few saw Ruth as an important person. She was from Moab, which was a nation that originated from an incestuous encounter between Lot (the nephew of Abraham) and one of his daughters (Genesis 19:30–36). She was a poor widow. She was living in a foreign land away from her family.But God saw her as important and His plan for her life culminated in her becoming a part of the ancestry of Jesus (her great grandchild was King David). God’s plan characteristically involves using people who are considered to be underdogs or unimportant or insignificant from man’s perception. Finally, for me it was Ruth’s loyalty not only to Naomi, her mother in law but to God. Her faithfulness is something we all need to be reminded of in our attitude towards our spouses, family, friends, even to our society and nation.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

In these difficult financial times it is encouraging to see that Thomas More College is still trying to continually upgrade and improve the facilities on campus. The “No Pain, No Gain” rule always applies however as pedestrian or traffic flow is inevitably affected. Thank heavens our current High School classroom project was delayed until after the Pioneer Road upgrade was completed or the disruptions could have been considerably worse.

I would like to appeal to the road users on our campus to remain acutely aware of the danger that their vehicles pose to young children. Please stop at the pedestrian crossings. The pupils do have the right of way at these. Please also adhere to the 20km/hr speed limit. If in doubt, drive more slowly.

We are opening the Insala Road gate when traffic gets too congested. This often happens when there are early afternoon hockey festivals on the Astro.  


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Welcome back after what I hope was an enjoyable and well-placed breather.

As a high school staff, we held our Academic Indaba this past Friday afternoon. We enjoyed presentations on the TMC ethos, the latest research capacities and future plans for our library, classroom furniture options, relevant and purposeful assessment, and work-shopped what we believe are non-negotiable characteristics of a world-class classroom. I want to thank Mr Otto Hirzel (Board of Trustees - Ethos), Mrs Penny Thompson and Mrs Debbie Kerdachi for leading their respective sessions, all of which were appropriately thought-provoking and geared towards being a world-class school.

We look forward to Supper and Song this evening. Once again, I have no doubt that our children will overwhelm us as they showcase their varied God-given talents and gifts with us. We also look forward to hosting the Grade 9s and their parents for their subject-choice evening this week. This is indeed an exciting moment in a young person’s life and we look forward to guiding our Grade 9s through this process.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

We wish our older siblings and senior phase of the school all the very best for the High School “Supper and Song” this evening. We also look forward to seeing those cultural participants who have continued to pursue the talents they showed in Primary School.

Our hockey teams in Cape Town are doing really well and having lots of fun- many thanks to the staff and those parents supporting. They return this afternoon.

In assembly this morning our Senior Primary pupils heard about a very valuable initiative, which seeks actively to improve a lot of the dogs in the Inanda Valley. Next Friday, 1 September in the SP, at a cost of R10 for civvies, which will be debited to your account, your child is permitted to wear appropriate spring civvies. The proceeds will be part of our animal outreach, and will support the Valley Dogs Trust and the sterling work they are doing. On a voluntary basis, your child may bring a tin or packet of dog food, a dog blanket or any other suitable item for the dogs and hand this in to Mrs du Plessis for distribution to this worthy cause.

As is sometimes the case at this time in the term, we get some children testing authority and pushing boundaries. This can be challenging for parents to handle and may lead to parents following the ‘path of least resistance’ as it is easier than trying to be firm and push through for a better outcome. Zig Ziglar sums it up well: “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, and you do not change your decision to get there.” Here at Thomas More, we so often quote the old North American saying,”Do not prepare the path for your child; rather prepare your child for the path.” Parents may attempt to either cover up for their children, deny the problem or blame others instead of encouraging their own child to take responsibility and to learn from the mistake. When we exercise discipline, and accept accountability for what we do, we grow and become emotionally stronger, which enables us to cope with future problems. When difficulties are faced and managed, the child grows and learns from the experience. If we try to bail them out continually, they will struggle to learn to face their difficulties.

The following guidelines are suggested when your child brings a problem home:

· Listen to your child when he/she discusses a problem and try to guide him/her to solve it rather than finding the solution for your child.

· Never lose sight of the fact that there may be more than one perspective and that what you are being presented with by your child may not be the whole picture. ( I did a recent assembly on optimal illusions to try to illustrate the different sides)

· Support the school (within reason). If you revert from this in front of your child, it can break down your child’s trust in his/her teacher and the school and the one who loses ultimately is your child.

· Encourage your child to take the required measures him-or herself. This could be going to a teacher to explain, talking to another child, apologising etc.

May we continue to work closely together as partners in the education of those precious charges entrusted to us! With good discipline and a measure of fun and firmness, together we can provide a fertile ground for developing character and enabling learning. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Foundation Phase News

What a blessing our long weekend was for children and staff alike. By the sounds of things many families managed to take time out and get away for the weekend as well. There is much to be said for spending quality time as a family given the fact that lives can be so busy. This often leads to the “treadmill’ feeling where we just can’t stop being busy!

It is always very reassuring to see just how much support, from academic to sport and more, that our school receives from parents. We are truly grateful for your time, no matter how little. With that in mind, it is hard to believe that we only have another 5 and a half weeks left until this term ends – we all know what that means – Christmas will be upon us very soon!

I found this interesting article on busy children for your interest:

We look forward to the weeks ahead in aiming to grow our children into balanced individuals.

Dr. Seuss: “Step with Care and great Tact, and remember that life is a great Balancing Act.”


Deni Hornsey
Foundation Phase:  Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit for further info. 


Please send us photographs of your children enjoying their Weekly Achiever vouchers at Wetrock to



Gabriella Pillay - for her enthusiastic approach towards all her school work.  What a super star.


Mia Vermaak - for her happy disposition, willingness to help others and interest in the well-being of her friends and teachers.  This makes my heart so happy.


Gabby Brophy - for her kind and caring nature and the determination she displays when completing her maths tasks.


Adia Pryce Lewis - for her continued perseverance and effort with her work and her delighful smile that graces us each day.


Nickus Breedt - for the super effort and enthusiasm he put into all the tasks he undertakes.  You are a shining star.


Thabani Mthethwa - for remembering to do his homework and starting to become more responsible within the class.


Asha Allen - for being helpful and responsible while Miss Mqadi has been teaching your class.


Cameron Williams - for always having good manners and for working like a superstar in all hs books.


Danielle de Moor - for a neat, well completed comprehension task about lions.


Liam O'Loughlin - for his excellent general knowledge and his outstanding reading.


Duff de Necker - for his wonderful general knowledge and creativity.


Tahyesh Naicker - for his continuous hard work in Afrikaans.


Connor McLoughlin - for displaying such good manners and for settling in so well to the TMC family.


Yandiswa Sibisi - for her positive attitude and her kind and helpful nature.


Naomi Smith - for her excellent History test result and her positive attitude.


Jayden Smith - for his conscientious efforts in Maths and cheerful disposition.


Jaymee Lang - for her excellent performance in the play and her bubbly personality.


Erin Simpkins - for her enthusiastic participation in our Grade 6 & 7 school play.


Nathan Riddle - for his huge effort at Athletics over the past few weeks.


Liam Pather - for his outstanding performance in the school play.


Isabella Terblanche - for her kind and caring nature and good sense of humour.



Cultural Achievements


Congratulations to our Senior Debaters (Nicholas Leisegang, Jordan Pieters and Reece Jeacocks) who came second overall in the Durban and District League. They were beaten by Glenwood in the Finals.   Jordan Pieters was ranked fifth overall and Nicholas Leisegang was ranked third based on individual speaker scores.  Well done guys!

Sporting Achievements


Congratulations to Jenna Blofield who was placed 1st in her KZN Qualifiers level 8 for gymnastics last weekend and will go to Nationals (SA Games) in Pretoria in the October holidays. Well done and good luck Jenna.



Congratulations to Tyler Jelf who has been selected to ride her horse for Thomas More and KZN at the National Equestrian showjumping Champs in JHB in October 2017 in the High School 1m classes. Well done, and good luck Tyler. 


Congratulations to Tyler Olivier who was selected as a member of the team to participate in the Tri Nations (South Africa - Zimbabwe - Zambia) Pony Club Equestrian Interbranch event in Zambia.  Tyler was awarded her International Pony Club Colours at this event.  Well done Tyler.


Cross Country

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Woods and Julia Butler who have been selected for the Pinetown & District Cross Country Team. They will take part in KZN trials in Newcastle on Saturday.  Well done ladies!


HS Boys’ Indoor Hockey

TMC U14A vs Clifton College- Lost 1-5

TMC U16A vs Crawford LL- Lost 0-9

TMC 1st Team vs WBHS B- Drew 3-3


HS Golf

TMC vs St. Henry’s- Lost 1-3


HS Boys’ Soccer

TMC U14B vs New Forest- Drew 2-2

TMC U14A vs New Forest- Lost 1-2

TMC U15B vs New Forest- Lost 2-5

TMC U15A vs New Forest- Drew 2-2

TMC U16B vs New Forest- Lost 2-3

TMC U16A vs New Forest- Lost 0-4

TMC 2nd Team vs New Forest- Lost 0-4

TMC 1st Team vs New Forest: Won 2-1

TMC U14B vs Kloof- Lost 0-3

TMC U14A vs Kloof- Lost 2-3

TMC U15B vs Kloof- Lost 0-3

TMC U15A vs Kloof- Lost 0-7

TMC U16B vs Kloof- Lost 0-2

TMC U16A vs Kloof- Lost 0-2

TMC 2nd Team vs Kloof- 3-6

TMC 1st Team vs Kloof- Lost 2-3


HS Boys' Soccer

Congratulations to Kellen Coombs and Luthando Ndlovu on being selected for the U14 KZN soccer Squad. We wish them all the best with the final trials.


HS Girls’ Soccer

TMC U14B vs WGHS: Won 3-0

TMC U14A vs WGHS: Won 2-1

TMC U16B vs WGHS: Won 3-0

TMC U16A vs WGHS: Won 2-0

TMC 2nd Team vs WGHS: Won 2-1

TMC 1st Team vs WGHS: Won 2-0


SP Boys' Hockey vs Westville

U10A 4 - 2 TMPS win

U10B 4 - 5 TMPS lost

U10C 0 - 2 TMPS lost

U11A 0 - 2 TMPS lost

U11B 0 - 3 TMPS lost

U11C 0 - 0 draw


SP Girls' Hockey vs Westville

U10A 1 - 1 draw

U10B 2 - 1 TMPS win

U10C 0 - 6 TMPS lost

U11A 6 - 0 TMPS win

U11B 1 - 0 TMPS win

U11C 0 - 0 draw 


SP Girls' Hockey vs Penzance

U10A 5 - 5 draw

U10B 1 - 6 lost

U10C 0 - 3 lost

U11A 5- 1 won

U11B 5 - 0 won

U11C 2 - 0 won

1st 0 - 1 lost

2nd 0 - 0 draw

3rd 0 - 1 lost


SP Open Girls' Hockey vs St Mary's

1st team 1-1 draw

2nd team 0-1 lost

3rd team 0-0 draw