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 05 June 2017
Newsletter 19
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Dave Wiggett - offers some self-help stress-relief techniques (shared by Education Psychologist [and TMC parent] Mrs Andrea Kellerman)  to assist children during exams.
  • Barbara Taljard - shares some tips to remember during exam times.


Comrades Marathon

Well done to all our TMC parents who took part in the Comrades Marathon this past weekend - you are an inspriration to us all. 



Our sincere condolences to the du Buisson family on the passing of Michael du Buisson, husband to Paula, and father to Jake (Grade 5) and Holly (Grade 4). Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this terribly sad time.

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

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Scripture for the week

ScriptureWhen the day of Pentecost came, all of them were together in one place. Suddenly, a sound like the roaring of a mighty windstorm came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw tongues like flames of fire that separated, and one rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them that ability. Acts 2:1-4

Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, and this celebration reminds us of the truth that if we are born again of the Spirit (John 3:3-8), then we have the same Holy Spirit that was poured out upon the first-century church in Acts 2:1-4. It is a reminder that we are co-heirs with Christ, to suffer with Him that we may also be glorified with Him; that the Spirit is given for the common good (1 Corinthians 12:7); that we are all baptized by one Spirit into one body (1 Corinthians 12:13); and that the Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead lives inside believers (Romans 8:9-11). This gift of the Holy Spirit that was promised and given to all believers on the first Pentecost is promised to us today (Acts 2:39). How awesome is that!

Just an addition I would like to thank all those who gave so generously in clothes to the ‘Pop Up Street Store’ which will take place at the end of June down in Molweni. I think it’s the largest donation to date and Mr Lanz’s class has been a bit overwhelmed in where to put it all, but he doesn’t mind as he has been beaming from ear to ear this past week. It has been such a wonderful response and will bless many who are less fortunate than us: Psalm 41:1 “Blessed is he that considers the poor: the Lord will deliver him in the day of evil”.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

High School News

It is most startling to note that this is the week in which Grade 8-11 mid-year examinations commence. Perhaps it seems to have crept up so quickly on us as a result of a jam-packed first semester.

I am going to break this week from our series of Mental Meanderings to introduce you to one of our parents. Mrs Andrea Kellerman is an experienced educational psychologist (B.A. H.D.E., B.A. Hons, M. ED. Pysch., Dip. Adv. Hyp., ISNR Registered Neurofeedback Practitioner) and is co-founder of EQ Advant-Edge. I have asked Andrea to share snippets and tips for parents going forward. She has started us off this week – quite appropriately – with some piqued insights for us about what our children experience during exam time:


“The exam paper is not your enemy, you are in control of it”

Release of various stress hormones in the body to combat situations of stress might lead to an edgy and nervous feeling. Muscles become tense, breathing faster, mouth dry, while the heart pounds and sweating increases. Early signs of excessive stress are headaches, loss or change in sleep patterns, loss of appetite and temper, feeling tired and sick, loss of concentration and a sense of restlessness. Sometimes unusually excessive stress may trigger panic attacks, depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorder or even self-harming behaviour like suicide attempts. Some may even present with tension headaches while others may present with some nonspecific complaints. An adolescent with sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, loss of appetite, rapid pulse and trembling hands is a typical case of exam fear.

Examination stress is better prevented than treated. De-stressing methods may also be adopted once someone develops examination stress. These methods are self-help techniques and are straight forward and effective, which are helpful in the long run up to the examination. These can include the following:

  • Breathing techniques: If breathing becomes rapid and shallow, sit somewhere in a comfortable place and check how quickly you are breathing by placing your hand on stomach. If it is one breath in a couple of seconds, start breathing out slowly until you get out the last of the breaths in the series in about five seconds time. This has to be done for some time until you are doing it naturally.
  • Relaxation routine: Close the eyes and breathe deeply. Try to locate areas of tension and relax these muscles. Think of relaxation and after 20 minutes do some stretching exercises. Listen to relaxing music or study with concentration music ( is a great option)
  • Physical activity: Regular exercise for even as short as 10-20 minutes a day can be very helpful in coping with stress in the long run. Cycling, going to gym or walking all help to reduce stress.
  • Complementary therapies: Neurofeedback (Brain Training at EQ Advantedge), guided meditation/relaxation and massage help in reducing stress and providing relaxation.
  • Sleep: Sleep hygiene must be maintained. Stimulants must be avoided before sleep. A good bath can relax one most of the time and give you a comfortable sleep. Medications for inducing sleep must be avoided.
  • Support groups: Choose a class mate for co-studying or create a study circle. This group will support you through discussion and even clarify doubts through mutual support. Maintaining clarity of thought long before the study process will help one not to panic before exam.

I look forward to sharing further useful insights from Andrea with you in the coming months. Should you wish to contact her directly, you can do so at


  1. Please note Thursdays will end at 14:05 next term owing to our JP hosting a series of mini-hockey festivals in the 3rd Term.
  2. We have made contact with one of the Independent English schools in South Korea who are keen to send approximately 15 Grade 8-10 pupils across to us for a 2-week visit next term. I will be emailing all Grade 8-11 parents shortly about volunteering to host one of these children for the fortnight. Please be on the lookout for that email – this is an exciting opportunity for our children to encounter a new culture and establish friendships in their growing global network.

In closing, I know you’ll join me in congratulating Mrs Conradie, Mrs Logan, Mrs Lanz, all support staff, the cast and the crew of Noises Off, our annual production. If you were fortunate enough to see it, you will agree that it was a world-class rendition of a highly complex piece of comedic theatre. I thought the entire production was slick and, quite frankly, bordered on professional. To the entire cast and crew: take a well-deserved bow. You were all simply superb! 


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Thank you to those who spread the word about our screenings on Saturday morning- we had quite a few last minute applications. If you still know of people who wanted to apply for 2018, please encourage them to do so and we will organise further screenings.

All the best to our musicians performing for the grandparents at the Cultural Community Showcase in the Habberton Hall tomorrow afternoon at 14:30 (tea) for a 15:00 start. This is not to be confused with the delightful FP grandparents’ days which will continue as scheduled.

Our Grade 7s begin writing exams next Tuesday (and our HS later this week)

Our Primary School examinations in reality are no more than intensified class/ cycle tests, to help prepare our pupils for High School. We are not trying to emulate the volume they may have in High School, as we wish to build confidence, and faith in the process, not break a child down. Although much of this is known to many of you, I would like to share with you tips on how to help your child cope with the pressure of taking exams.

1. Be his/her study buddy: Look out for signs of exam stress such as irritability, not sleeping well, losing interest in food, worrying a lot and appearing depressed or negative. Headaches and stomach pains can also be stress-related. Having someone to talk to about his/her work can help. Support from a parent can help a child air his/her worries and keep things in perspective.

2. Ensure your child eats well. What your child eats and drinks in the run-up to exams can influence how clearly he/she thinks and how he/she feels. A balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, fish and complex carbohydrates will help them concentrate and think clearly. Too much high-fat, high- sugar and high-caffeine food can make studying harder. Obviously ensure that your child eats a good breakfast. Also ensure that the evening meal is at least one hour before he/she goes to sleep.

3. Encourage sufficient sleep. Sleeping well and for long enough to feel rested, around six to eight hours for most people, will help thinking and concentration. Allow half an hour or so for them to wind down before going to bed, between studying, watching TV or using a computer as this will help them get a good night’s sleep. Cramming all night before an exam is a bad idea. Sleep will benefit your child far more than hours of panicky, last-minute study.

4. Be flexible. Be flexible and do not worry about household jobs that are left undone, or untidy bedrooms.

5. Help them study. In most cases, find a comfortable, well-lit place without distractions for them to study. If you need a night light, apparently a blue light bulb allows someone to concentrate for longer than a normal bulb. Also provide notepaper and coloured pencils to make notes and draw mindmaps. Remember, however, that some children learn in an auditory manner and will prefer to tape record their learning, or sing their notes, while other children are kinesthetic learners and need to jump or skip their learning or learn best while on the move.

6. Remember that feeling nervous is normal. This is a natural reaction all students feel, to a lesser or greater degree. Redirect this positively by reminding them of what know and the time they have put into their studies. This can help them to feel more confident so that they can reach their potential.

7. Encourage exercise. Being active helps to boost energy levels, clears the mind and relieves stress e.g. walking, cycling, dancing and playing sport/ attending practice. (Despite this, attendance at practices during exam time is not compulsory for Gr.7’s.)

8. Don’t add to the pressure. Some children feel that the greatest pressure comes from the family. Keep things in perspective, listen to them, give support and avoid criticism. Before they go to an exam be reassuring and positive. Make sure they know that failing isn’t the end of the world and if things don’t go well, you will still love them. After each exam encourage your child to talk it through with you, then move on and focus on the next exam.

9. Make sure your child has all stationery requirements. Please assist your child by ensuring he/she has his/her own pencil, pen, eraser, ruler, glue, compass, protractor, Maths equipment etc. for the exams, as lending of equipment and borrowing is not permitted.

10. Illness. A medical certificate is required should your child miss even a day’s school during the examinations.

11. Make time for treats. When the exams are over, help to celebrate with a treat as rewards can be a real encouragement for the next time they have tests.

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead. Encourage your child to remember; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers  Wetrock


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit for further info. 


Please send us photographs of your children enjoying their Weekly Achiever vouchers at Wetrock to



Amelie Gildenhuys - for her flluent reading style and love of books.


Caitlyn King - for maintaining a positive work ethic and giving of her best in all written tasks.  Keep this up my girl.


Cameron Pieterson - for improved neatness in his books and showing greater independence in the classroom.


Alegra Naidoo - for her continued effort in class, beautiful neat work and always being a good friend.


Jane Bester - for her wonderful Show & Tell.  Well done.


Sophie Moffat - for really trying hard in class and her enthusiasm about our Polar theme!!


Kai McCormick - for having good manners and for being gracious in his speech when speaking with his friends.


Rhys Maritz - for always working hard, producing work of a high standard and always willing to help his friends.


Matthew Asbury - for always trying hard during task completion and for such polite greetings every day.


Darshan Paul - for being such a star with learning his tables.


Jaime Butler - for her kind, caring ways, beautiful manners and diligence.


Levi Wynne - for improvement in Afrikaans and always wanting to give of his best.


Adam Gray - for his cheerful, friendly nature, good manners and consistent effort.


Damian Watson - for his excellent progress in all aspects of work, especially his maths and history tests.


Travis Holmes - for his positive attitude and polite manners.


Gregory Roets - for his creativity and gentle nature.


Ben Shepstone - for his improved work ethic and positive participation this term.


Thabiso Mthethwa - for the positive manner in which she settled into TMC and for her excellent work ethic.


Sanele Price-Lewis - for being so kind and helpful to his peers.


Jodie Bass - for her diligent attitude towards her school work and gentle nature.


Mavuso Dlamini - for his improved attitude towards his school day.



Congratulations to Victoria Neff who has earned her Gold Certificate in Mathletics. Well done Victoria.



Cultural Achievements

Irish Dancing

At the South Coast Feis this past weekend the following Thomas More Pupils achieved wonderful results. Amy Marks achieved 2 bronze awards in the upgraded section. Naomi Easson achieved a 4th for her Tus Ghard Reel, and 3 x 3rd places for her Bun Ghard dances, placing 5th in the Bun Ghard PC. Well done girls.


Well done to Emily de Klerk on being awarded a certficate for achieving a distinction in her Prelim Irish dancing exam.  Congratulations!


HS Debating

Our Grade 8s won their final debate against Glenwood 1 and Justin Keep was awarded Best Speaker. The Juniors won their debate against Pinetown Boys’ and Kellen Daniels was awarded Best Speaker. Well done to all our speakers who took part.


Sporting Achievements


Congratulations to Tayla Summerford who completed the 10km Karkloof Classic!  Well done Tayla.


Cross Country

Well done to the following runners who achieved top 20 in the run at Curro HCA on Friday:


Kai McCormick - 10th

Thomas Buchan - 11th

Keira Browning - 11th

Sarah Reed - 14th


Ella Randle 10th

Emily Morgan 14th


Ryan Browning - 15th

Dayna Deeble - 1st

Jordan Trotter - 11th


Liam Thuenissen - 1st

Ethan McCormick -2nd

Ezra Haug- 8th


Jessica Smith -3rd

Electra Balidas - 14th

Buhlali Mhlanzi -1st

Luke McDaniel- 11th


Rock Climbing

Wishing the following pupils all the best as they represent KZN on 17 & 18 June.

Brendan Kuhnert

Keshav Gounden

Faran Steenkamp



Congratulations to Sydney Swanson who competed in the Shongweni Pre Winter Classic on her pony Highover Ferdinand, receiving 1st place in the 1m10 Accumulater class and 1m10 Championship class. Well done Sydney.


Congratulations to Tyler Jelf who rode her horse Curlin's Cousin in the Pre-Nissan Shongweni Showjumping Show and won the 1m junior two phase class today. They have now achieved enough points to proceed up the grades to compete in the 1.10m classes.  Well done Tyler.


SP Rugby vs Winston Park

U10A won 30 - 5

U10B won 25 - 15

U11A lost 5 - 28

U11B lost 5 - 25

2nds lost 0 - 50

1st lost 0 - 43


HS Rugby

U14A vs KZN Development - Won 26-10

U15A vs Gelofte - Won 31-5

1st Team vs Gelofte - Lost 0-46


HS Netball

U14B vs St. Mary's - Lost 5-10

U14A vs St. Mary's - Lost 1-15

U 15B vs St. Mary's - Lost 4-23

U15A vs St. Mary's - Lost 6-12

U16B vs St. Mary's - Won 19-1

U16A vs St. Mary's - Lost 10-41

2nds vs St. Mary's - Lost 4-34

1st Team vs St. Mary's - Lost 11-50


HS Boys' Hockey

U14A vs Kloof - Won 9-0

U16A vs Kloof - Drew 0-0

1st Team vs Kloof - Won 4-0

U14A vs Hillcrest - Won 6-0

U16A vs Hillcrest - Won 4-0

1st Team vs Hillcrest - Won 5-0


HS Girls' Hockey

U14A vs Crawford LL - Won 2-0

U16B vs CLL - Drew 0-0

U16A vs CLL - Won 2-1

1st Team vs CLL - Won 2-1