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 14 February 2017
Newsletter 05
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - explains WHY we do the Sponsored Walk, and welcomes, and thanks the newly appointed Parents' Council members, as well as their 2016 committee counterparts...read more
  • Dave Wiggett - looks forward to our children embracing the fun and camaraderie of the Sponsored Walk this coming Friday, and wishes them a good half-term weekend...read more
  • Barbara Taljard - reminds current Grade 6 and 7 parents of the HS talk taking place this Thursday at 7.30am, and wishes all our pupils well for the Sponsored Walk, and in raising funds for Outreach...read more

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager



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Scripture for the week

ScriptureWhoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays foolishness. Proverbs 14:29

I think children especially one’s own have a canny way of pushing the boundaries to a point when you explode in anger and then oops they realise they’ve pushed too far. Sadly enough one is now left in a rage wondering how the rest of the day is going to turn out if you are feeling this way already.

Anger of course is our choice and we need to take responsibility for it. How many times have we said to ourselves or to others ‘they made me so angry’. We realise that we are in control in how we react to a situation, either we can restrain ourselves or destroy everything in our way! How can we direct our anger into something positive by attacking the problem rather than the person? Proverbs 14:7 states “A person that is soon angry will deal foolishly”, I think the key here is patience which is that characteristic which deals with endurance and it is the ability to overlook an offence and to show mercy, hopefully which will resolve conflicts peacefully. It is interesting that the Hebrew word for patience is ‘slow to anger’! Patience is a God like quality and often described as ‘long suffering’. God puts up with people that we would ‘love’ to get rid of! Maybe we need to try a little more patience ‘ longsuffering’ and as Paul tells us love begins with patience: 1 Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient…”

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

If there is one event that sums up the spirit of this school it is the Sponsored Walk that takes places this Friday. It is one of the very few events that the whole school can do together with a common purpose. This event raises the funds necessary to operate our Outreach programme. It is significant that we don’t simply donate money to Outreach. The pupils need to understand that Outreach is not just about giving funds but about effort and personal commitment to a cause. We do not just collect but we walk to collect! This is a key element in the ethos of Thomas More College as it is all about human compassion and relationships. It is about teamwork, support, effort and commitment to a cause. Please support your children in helping them to learn this lesson. You will also be contributing to the education and welfare of those less fortunate than us.

The reality of the approaching Long Walk should also strike home this week. Many pupils use the Sponsored Walk as an important part of their preparation for the Long Walk. It is not easy to find the time for a long training session and Friday will be the ideal opportunity.

Thank you to those of you who supported the AGM of the Parents' Council on Wednesday last week. This committee runs many of the big events in the Thomas More College calendar and plays a huge role in establishing the “spirit” of the parent body. Congratulations and “thank you” to the following parents who will be serving on the 2017 committee: TC Chetty, Liesl Kriegisch, Philippe Renard, Kerry-Leigh White, Pravina Coombs, Warren Fenner, Colin Heads, Heather Ahlschlager, Chris Holton, Gareth Curtis, Nischen Govender and Kathryn Kure will continue to serve either completing their two year term of office or beginning a second term. I would also like to extend a huge welcome to Anu Moodley, Ashley Heyns, Lesley Hanger and Russel Fuchs who are joining the Parents' Council for the first time.

The online tuckshop has gone live, please make use of this facility - this frees up your child's break time so that they are able to collect their lunches, without waiting in queues to place their orders.  The link can be found at the top of this newsletter, on our website and D6 school communicator.



Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

I want to thank all staff, parents and pupils for what has been a robust start to the year. Thomas More College bustles through the days seamlessly and the campus is rampant with activity. The college’s collective energy that drives our kaleidoscopic programme makes me so proud and grateful because it allows us all ongoing opportunities for growth.

It is, however, equally important to step off the pedal sporadically to take stock, re-align one’s focus and refresh the energy well. This is exactly why ALL GRADE 8-12 pupils have a re-charge day at home next Monday, 20 February, whilst the staff will participate in a leadership seminar at school. All of the weekend’s fixtures and commitments are still happening, but the pupils get to enjoy a day off, along with the primary school, next Monday; the high school staff welcomes Mr Mike Russell, the head of Bridge House School in Cape Town, to lead us through the many vagaries of leadership and its importance at this point in our country’s narrative.

I look forward to our children embracing the fun and camaraderie of the Sponsored Walk this coming Friday. It is a wonderfully colourful, whole-school event during which we re-affirm through the funds raised our commitment to – and accept responsibility for – our significant Outreach Operations. As such, I thank you parents for your support of the Sponsored Walk.

I wish you all an excellent week ahead.  


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Congratulations to all those who participated in the MidMar Mile swim over the weekend.

With Valentine’s Day today, it has been heartwarming to see our pupils show Christian love to one another in so many different ways, especially in welcoming our new children. Thank you too for the improved response to bringing sandwiches and/or fruit on a Wednesday for the children in the Valley of a 1000 Hills, to which it is distributed. “Caring is sharing.”

This week in assembly the children will also hear about caring love, and being the light and salt to others and they will also be addressed by the MLC Outreach portfolio committee. In keeping with caring for others, we have given our children the option of wearing red / pink and white civvies to school today, at a cost of R10.00, which will be debited to your account. The proceeds will go to a very worthy cause, which brings dignity to disadvantaged young women enabling them to continue their schooling.

Love encompasses caring for others in our community. You should have received the sponsor form in preparation for our Sponsored Walk this Friday 17 February, following which is the start of our mid-term break. The money raised from our walk goes to support our many Outreach initiatives and makes a significant difference in the lives of others. While we ourselves may be experiencing the financial pinch as a result of the current economic climate, how much more so the disadvantaged communities around us. Worst hit are the children and these are our specific target to bring hope in an otherwise bleak world. We would thus truly value your wholehearted support for our Outreach endeavours.

Grade 6 and 7 parents- please also remember our talk by our Executive Principal and High School headmaster this Thursday 16 February morning at 07:30 in the Habberton Hall. It promises to be most informative and will cover some aspects which will not be discussed at our Open Day the following Saturday, 25 February, so the one talk does not preclude the other.

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead and some good swimming training/ rest for our swimmers in preparation for our Boys’ and Girls’ D & D “B” Zone Gala which has been moved to Curro HCA on Tuesday 28 February (1pm), and not 21 February, at Kings Park as mentioned in the Diary Card.


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers 


Kindly sponsored by Wetrock Adventures - visit www.wetrockadventuresco.za for further info.



Dinic Breedt - for her friendly happy nature, and for always doing beautiful work.


Kai Bonsor - for his enthusiasm and for trying his best in all his writing activities this week.  Keep it up.


Isabella Barnard - for being a kind, caring friend and for always doing beautiful work.


Rachel Cunningham - for her improved confidence and participation in the classroom.


Raquel Cairns - for her quiet hardworking nature and for being a super star.


Phoebe Bothma - for trying her best to present neat work in class.


Dylan Stephens - for his gentle heart, kind words and his determined and persevering nature.


Ethan Pieterse - for always having self-control and working like a superstar in all his books.


Mishail Singh - for his lovely manners and for such a good work ethic.


Simone Cairns - for her responsible and diligent nature.


Adam Essey - for his lovely manners, excellent listening skills and interest and enthusiasm shown in lessons.


Emily Morgan - for her positive approach to every task she tackles.


Jenna Tozer - for her kind, gentle nature and for settling in so well to her TMC family.


Ethan Roome - for always giving of his best and for doing so well in his Maths test.


Emma Kure - for her friendly nature and settling into school at TMC so well.


Jonathan Daniel - for his positive attitude and perseverance particularly in Maths.


Liam Theunissen - for his positive attitude and great start to the year.


Karissa Paul - for her diligence, effort and manners and task presentation.


Michael Kiggen - for his positive start to the year and doing so well at the National Fencing competition.


Viaan Oberholzer - for a positive and determined start to the term.  Keep it up.


Caleb Morck - for his positive start to the year and his solid performance on the Cricket Field.



Congratulations to Ethan Pieterse for achieving his Gold certificate in Mathletics.


Cultural Achievements


Congratulations to Ashton Cason on being awarded her Theory of Music for Trinity level Grade 1 (piano).  Well done Ashton.



Congratulations to our HS Junior Team (Kellen Daniels, Andani Mashige and Ben Boulle) who won their debate against Glenwood.  Kellen was awarded best speaker.  Well done Kellen.


Sporting Achievements


Congratulations to Nathan Riddle and Tiaan Steyn who attended the KZN Athletics trials last Friday.  Tiaan received a bronze and Nathan a silver. Well done boys.


SP Cricket

Congratulations to Phila Nkosi on being selected for the Pinetown and Districts U11 Cricket team.  Well done Phila.


U11A Cricket Team vs Kloof

Thomas More batted first and scored 168/9 in 30overs

Ryan Browning 50, Max Buchan 28, Alex Jackson 17 not out; Miguel de Freitas 11

Kloof scored 98 all out in 30 overs

Max Buchan 4 overs 7/3, Miguel De Freitas 4 overs 18/1, Phila Nkosi 3 overs 20/1, Bryan Ireland 3 overs 20/1 ; Ryan Browning 1 overs 4/1, Braydan Doran 1over 1/1, Michael Jolly 1 over 7/1.  Thomas More won by 70 runs


U11A Cricket vs Penzance

Thomas More batted first and scored 190/6 in 30overs

Phila Nkosi 46, Ryan Browning 38, Braydan Doran 37

Penzance scored 148/8 in 30 overs

Max Buchan 4 overs 9/1, Phila Nkosi 3overs 12/1, Adam Gray 2 overs 10/2,

Ryan Browning 6 overs 20/1, Braydan Doran 3 overs 21/1,

Miguel De Freitas 3overs 13/0, Connor Mackinnon 4 overs 12/1

Thomas More won by 42 runs


SP 1st Team vs Kloof

TMPS 104 for 10 from 33.3 overs

Nathan Riddle 19, Ben Shepstone 16, Imani Motsoahae 18

Kloof 88 for 10 from 34.3 overs

Nathan Riddle 5 for 19

TMPS won by 16 runs 


SP 2nd Cricket Team vs Kloof

TMPS 121 for 7 after 25 overs

Kloof 124 for 3 after 22 overs

Jarred Christie 23 Runs

Ethan Harris 16 Runs 


SP 3rd Cricket Team vs Kloof

Thomas More 86 for 9 wickets

O. Zulu getting 32 runs

Kloof 48 all out

J. Cleland 3 wkts for 12 runs

S. Renard 2 wkts for 1 run

Thomas More won by 38 runs


SP 4th Cricket Team vs Atholl Heights

Thomas More 138 runs for 7 wickets

M. Fitzpatrick getting 29 runs

Atholl Heights 45 runs all out

M. Scott 3 wkts for 12 runs

R. Swanepool 2 wkts for 8 runs

V. Nathoo 2 wkts for 11 runs

Thomas More won by 93 runs



Over the past week, 3 of Thomas Mores students participated in the

S.A. Road cycling Champs in Wellington in the Cape. The riders had to race in grueling conditions. High temperatures and gale force winds. But nevertheless a good set of results were achieved by all 3 riders in very strong age categories.

Travis Stedman Gr 9 came 9th in the road race in U17 category (77km)

Tiffany Keep Gr 11 came 1st in the Time trial (14km) and 2nd in the road race in the Junior category (77km)

Cian Leveridge Gr 11 came 8th in the Time trial (27km) and 14th in the road race in the Junior category (77km)


Anvia Bredenkamp (Gr 7) competed in the Illovo Wartburg Mountain bike challenge this past Sunday.  She finished 2nd in her age group and was the 2nd lady overall to complete the 25km race.  Well done Anvia.

This weekend is the first KZN cross country (XCO) mountain bike race, to be held in Hilton. Any rider can compete from ages 8 years up to 18, with the course well suited to first time racers.


Congratulations to the following TMC pupils who have won the 2016 KZN Victor Ludorums in the following Equestrian categories:

Children’s 80cm: Thomas Gourley

Pony Rider 1m: Sydney Swanson


Midmar Mile

Congratulations to Chloe Buchanan, Shannon Wilhelm, Madyson Escreet and all other Midmar Mile swimmers who completed the race on Saturday.  Well done.


SP Netball

U10 A lost 2 -1

U11 A won 5- 1

U11 B won 6 - 0

U12 A lost 9- 0

U12B won 4 - 1

U12 C lost 5 - 4

2nd team won 12 - 3

1st team lost 10 - 15


HS Golf

TMC lost to St. Henry’s 4.5 to 3.5


HS Tennis

TMC U16A lost to St. Mary’s E 22-14

TMC 1st Team lost to St. Mary’s D 16-4


HS Girls’ Indoor Hockey

TMC U16A lost to St Mary's A 4-2

TMC 2nds beat DNC A 4-0

TMC 2nds lost to DGC C 2-1

TMC U14B lost to Ashton A 8-2

TMC U14B lost to Fatima B 6-3

TMC U16B beat Grosvenor A 3-1


HS Cricket
TMC U14B 96/4 after 20 overs. (Callan 43 not out, Liam 19) Westville U14F 97 after 19.2 overs. TMC lost by 6 wickets.

Westville U15E 104/2 after 20 overs, TMC U15B 75/4 after 20 overs (Trent Henwood:14, Sumanth Maharaj:24) TMC lost by 29 runs.

TMC U14A 147/7 (Coombs 29, Brimelow 27, Davy 21). Howick 84 (Sim 4/7). TMC won by 63 runs.

Howick U15A 116/6 (Hooper 3/12). TMC U15A 119/4 (R.Fallet: 36, D.Launspach:27*). TMC won by 6 wickets.

Howick 2nds 119/9 (Avikar 3 wickets, Matthew and Sphesihle 2 wickets, Kieran 1 wicket). TMC 2nds 120 (Brody:56, Sphesihle: 27). TMC won by 3 wickets.

TMC 1sts 180 all out (Blythen:59, Callum: 3/43). Howick 1sts 108 all out (Davies 4/22). TMC won by 72 runs.


HS Water polo

TMC Senior Girls vs Port Shepstone lost 8-2

TMC Junior Boys vs Port Shepstone won 13-0

TMC 1st Team Boys vs  Port Shepstone won 17-1

TMC Junior Girls vs Port Shepstone won 14-0

TMC 1st Team Girls vs Toti 1st Team won 12-3

TMC 2nd Team Girls vs Toti U16A won 10-3

TMC U15 Boys vs U16B won 10-4

TMC Junior Girls vs Toti U16B won 16-2