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 06 February 2017
Newsletter 04
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.

    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - Open Day season is upon us, please encourage family and friends to pop in if they have school going more
  • Dave Wiggett - Describes how we celebrate the individual at TMC, but remember not to confuse that with bowing to typical adolescent, whimsical fancies and avoiding more
  • Barbara Taljard - cell phones to ban or not to ban? more

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager





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Scripture for the week

ScriptureInstead, in every way we demonstrate that we are God's servants by tremendous endurance in the midst of difficulties, hardships, and calamities; 2 Corinthians: 6:4

With the Long Walk coming up this scripture reminds me that the Long Walk, like life is often about endurance, as endurance is defined as the ‘ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving up’. So this scripture is one that we don’t often hear preached on a Sunday! Jesus never said that we would be exempt from the hardships of life. In fact if we follow Him the likelihood is that we will have to face trouble “I have told you this so that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble, but be courageous-I have overcome the world!" John 16:33. The definition of courage is” the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear”. I struggle with this definition as it states that a courageous person does not fear. I believe it should be “the ability to do something that frightens one”. Although we fear, we also trust that God will calm our fears and help us during times of trial, that we will be able to endure and see it out until the end.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

It is of course delightful to get outstanding matric results like we did last year. This does however put pressure on to keep up the standard. The High School prize giving last Thursday was very reassuring and the new crop of matrics seem just as strong, as do most grades coming up. It is clear that academics at Thomas More College is in a very healthy place.

This is the season of Open Days and the telephone poles are covered in posters from a variety of schools. It has been interesting to note that many schools from out of the Upper Highway area now fishing in this pond. This area is already very competitive, with some of the best schools in the country. Each school here is in fact quite different in its ethos and offering. The placement of posters on poles is highly regulated and posters may not go up more than 14 days ahead of an event. The Thomas More Open Days are on the 24th and 25th of February and posters will only go up this weekend. We also have a presentation for our own grade 6 and 7s and their parents on February 16th.

The Long Walk is quite late this year, on Saturday 25th March. Plans are in full swing and we have started to contact parents to help. This is one of the biggest and most complex events undertaken by any school in the country and it requires commitment from the vast majority of parents. The fact that this is the 55th Long Walk in a row shows how the parent body rises to the occasion. Please set the date aside and respond positively to the appeals. Let’s put another memorable Long Walk together.



Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Much is speculated (particularly in the milieu of independent schools) about how schools really celebrate the individual. Most independent schools in South Africa will make reference to “the individual child” in one way or another on their website. To be frank, it is significantly challenging to celebrate every individual.

Love and Tough Love are synonymous at Thomas More College and talk directly to our ethos of loving and growing the individual child – it does NOT mean acquiescing to every demand or whim our children may present to us. Thus, when Thomas More College claims that we have the best interest of every child at heart, we must never confuse that with bowing to typical adolescent, whimsical fancies and avoiding challenge. Rather, it is about pruning, which is painful, whilst not compromising the essential soul and essence of the budding being.

We are preparing our young people for an unforgiving world in which the individual is not consciously celebrated. And to thrive in that tumultuous environment, our young people must have a strong backbone, a healthy self-esteem which is rooted in their unique gifts and intelligence and a moral sense of self. We would have been true to our ethos if our children can leave TMC and survive every season they encounter thereafter.

In closing, I wish to thank Michelle Wight, Lisa Moffat, Malcolm Wight and their respective teams for a slick Prize Giving last week. So too must I thank Mrs Kerdachi, Mr Ireland, Mrs Mkize, Mrs Paterson, Mrs Mckenzie, Mrs Richardson, Miss Venter, Mrs Logan and the Marimba band, Mrs Kotze and Mrs Taylor and Vocal Tenacity, and Mrs Steenkamp for a wonderful evening. My word, we are really blessed with an incredible team of people at Thomas More College, people who create opportunities for individuals to shine, no matter the season.


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

After my message about cell phones at the parent Information evening, I have had a mother ask me why we simply don’t ban these completely. This would be to say the problem does not exist, therefore we do not need to educate about it and its use and dangers, and that cyber bullying never happens because no-one is using a phone. While we are certainly not ruling out that we may in time have to go that route, there is far more to it than meets the eye.

Cell phones are very much a part of our modern technological lives, and what we need to be doing is to teach children responsibility. Were we to ban them, they would simply go underground, and children would be hesitant to tell us if there was cyber bullying. We need rather to teach children that cell phones can be useful in an emergency, but that it is better where possible to communicate directly with someone, face to face, rather than to SMS or Whatsapp them. We want children to know that if they have a cell phone, they should not be tempted to use it or check it, but to know that with permission, it may be used in a specific place (outside the library) preferably for e-reading, at break time only. It also enables us to teach responsible use, appropriate language and how to keep themselves safe.

For the rest of the time, we really do not want to see the phones, which stand the risk of being confiscated for anything from a day up to the end of term, if flashed around or used, except in the delegated area. We are also concerned as to where the phones are kept. We do not allow children to keep their phones in shirt or trouser pockets as the radiation could be harmful to them, and they run possible long term health risks. This means that they have to be in their bags- a security risk! We have so many ways of communicating with you, the parents, that the cell phone is actually redundant, but do at times realise it may have value.

We are not promoting cell phone use, but rather trying to teach accountability, so that the phone is not all compelling.

Obviously we value your support in this. Do not give in to your child’s pressures for a specific brand name, as all the cell phones achieve the same purpose. Do, however, try where you can to instill blocks on some of the internet sites. “OurPact” is a simple parental control app that allows parents to limit screen time by blocking internet and app access remotely between certain times, ie: 07:30 and 2pm (as some children abuse their phones and lose concentration as they are busy Whatsapping friends.) You could also block it from 19:30 to 06:30 so they can get a decent night sleep, and would preferably have kept the phone in your care overnight. 

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead. We hope to see many parents at the PC AGM in the Habberton Hall on Wednesday 8 February, at 18:00.  


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers 



Mana Hlanhla -for joining the TMC family with such enthusiasm.
Jonas Brophy - for his enthusiasm, wonderful manners, and for always doing beautiful work.


Khwezi Maphanga - for settling with ease and being a good example of our Beary Fruitful Hearts by showing others his beautiful manners and gentle nature.
Bridget Carter - for her gentle manner, enthusiasm towards learning and for producing beautiful work! Keep this up my girl!


Awande Chonco - for settling in so happily and easily into his new school.
Siya Madubela - for settling so quickly into the TMC family and for his kind gentle heart.


Sarah Reed - for settling so quickly into her new school and for working beautifully in her books.
Tristan Steenkamp - for working on his quiet classroom behaviour and writing beautifully in his books.


Mayali Madaree - for her cheerful nature and for settling into her new class so quickly.
Yuemika Naidoo – for her kind heart and steady, determined work ethic.


Rachel Beyers - for coming to school so independently this year.
Zachary Bensingh - for his enthusiasm and effort to complete each task well.


Asha Allen - welcome to TMC and thank you for your kind, caring and responsible nature.
Brock Miles - for his good manners and the conscientious way in which he applies himself to his work.


Lumka Ndaba - for settling in so well and making lots of new friends.
Hannah Lang - for her gentle, kind nature and producing neat and tidy work.


Lwezi Ngcobo - for being so well mannered and hard working, and settling so well at TMC.
Luke Chaplin - for being organised, well-mannered and such a hard-working boy!


Zipho Mgidi - for his cheerful and friendly nature and for working so beautifully.


Ella Randle - for being a polite, responsible pupil and giving of her best.


Khotso Rekhotsofetse - for his cheerful and happy attitude to Grade 4.


Jordan Trotter - for her kind, friendly nature and for working so beautifully.


Jake du Buisson - for his positive start to the new term and his wonderful work ethic and manners.


Cameron Valentine - for settling into TMC and for his positive start to the year.


Jayden Griffin - for trying to catch up after is injury; and coming back with a smile.


Nathan Launspach - for settling into routine at TMC and for his happy smile and pleasant nature.


Blaine Dunbar - for his superb result in Comprehension.


Anvia Bredenkamp - for getting her year off to such a good start and for being so mature and composed.


Emma Fallett - for settling into TMC so easily and for her kind, gentle nature.


Megan Fowler - for her positive attitude and wonderful performance in the Championship Gala.



Cultural Achievements

HS Debating

Our senior team (Nicholas Leisegang, Jordan Peters and Sarah Gonggryp) won their debate against Hillcrest and Nicholas was Best Speaker.


Tap Dancing

Congratulations to Sienna Raath, Lauren Bigalke, Alex Buccimazza and Sebastian Watson who all received trophies for achieving a distinction in their Primary tap dancing exam. Sebastian also received one for his Pre-Primary exam. 

Congratulations to Sara Clarke, Tara Saint and Emma Croucamp who all received trophies for their tap dancing exams.  


Sporting Achievements

SP House Captains

Congratulations to our SP House Captains on their appointment for 2017:

Dalberg - Vice Captains:  Lauren Gieseler and Ethan Gregory

Dalberg - Captains:  Jorja Robertson and Mavuso Dlamini

Hurley - Vice Captains:  Isabella Terblanche and Tapuwa Sibisi

Hurley - Captains:  Sarah Simpson and Matthew Gray

Savory - Vice Captains:  Jaime Rice and Buhlali Mhlanzi

Savory - Captains:  Madyson Escreet and Nathan Riddle


HS Action Netball

Congratulations to Daniel Bentley who was capped for the 3rd year for KZN Action Netball. He is currentlyplaying for the U18 A team training every Sunday morning in Durban North and will compete in Nationals in Johannesburg in April. Well done Daniel.


Congratulations to Jessica-Leigh Nozaicwho has also been selected to represent KZN Midlands Action Netball U15 at the National Tournament in April.  Well done Jessica-Leigh.


Championship Gala Results


Runners Up – Madison Beetge and Brock Miles

Champions – Keira Browning and Kai McCormick


Runners Up – Simone Cairns and Brunton Bigalke

Champions – Mackenzy Layden and Bjorn Bekker


Runners Up – Kate Human and Ryan Browning

Champions – Dayna Deeble and Adam Gray


Runners Up – Shannon Wilhelm and Sam Renard

Champions – Sime Bekker and Nikolaos Bratos


Runners Up – Tie: Megan Fowler / Amy Ahlschlager and Ethan Gregory

Champions – Madyson Escreet and Tie Nathan Riddle/Luke Riddle


SP U10B Cricket vs Penzance

TMC went into bat 1st and we scored 72 all out, top batsmen:  James Harrison with 12 and Joshua Fitzpatrick with 8. Penzance went into bat and scored our runs in 19 overs. We lost the match by 7 wickets.


SP 1st Team Cricket vs Penzance

Penzance 126 for 6, Motsoahae 2 for 8.

TMC 124 for 4, Morck 36 no, Reddy 28.

TMC lost by 2 runs.


SP 3rd Team Cricket vs Penzance

TMPS 118/3

Penzance 97/6

TMC won by 21 runs

Well done done John Robbins who scored 50 not out.


SP 4th Team Cricket vs Penzance

TMPS 74/3

Penzance 40/8

TMC won by 34 runs.


SP Netball vs Atholl Heights

U10A lost 10 - 0

U10B drew 0- 0

U11A drew 4 - 4

U11B lost 2 - 0

U12A lost 9 - 2

U12B won 4 - 2

1st team drew 9- 9

2nd team won 10 - 2


SP Tennis vs St Mary's DSG

TMC vs St Mary’s (B). We won by 27 games to 18.

Congratulations to Ashtyn Cason and Ross Hofmann who have been selected to attend the eThekwini District Tennis trials next week. We wish them both well and know that they will be good ambassadors for our school.


HS Golf

TMC lost to Ashton International 5.5 to 2.5


HS Girls’ Tennis

TMC U16A beat New Forest 12-0

TMC 1st Team beat Pinetown GHS 18-2


HS Girls’ Indoor Hockey

TMC U14A lost to DGC 7-0

TMC U16A lost to DGC 2-1

TMC U16B beat Amanzimtoti A 3-0

TMC 2nds beat DGHS 2-0

TMC 2nds lost to St. Mary’s 3rds 1-0

TMC 1st Team beat Fatima 4-2


HS Cricket

TMC U14B 144/3 (Rhind 90 no. Govender 22) Crawford LL 93 all out (Thackray 3/13, Dedekind 2/9, King 2/7). TMC won by 51 runs.

Crawford LL U14A 136 all out. TMC U14A 137/9 (Brimelow 58 no.) TMC won by 1 wicket.

Crawford LL U15A 147/9 (Riddle 3/27). TMC 87 all out. Crawford won by 61 runs.

TMC 2nds 34 all out. Crawford LL 35/2. TMC lost by 8 wickets.

Crawford LL 1st 147 all out (Meikle 4/43). TMC 100 all out (Kaval 5/11). Crawford won by 47 runs.


HS Boys’ Water Polo

TMC U14A lost to Clifton U14B 7-4

TMC U15A beat Clifton U15B 6-3

TMC 2nds lost to Clifton 3rds 14-0

TMC 1st Team lost to Clifton 2nds 9-1



Congratulations to Bridget Theunissen who competed in the KZN Triathlon champs early January. She placed 3rd and made the KZN triathlon team. She will be competing at SA Champs Aldam resort outside Bloemfontein on 18th March. Well done Bridget.