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 31 October 2016
Newsletter 35
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.


    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - neighbourhood road works resume; and cultural performances are blossoming at Thomas More.
  • Dave Wiggett - exams are a fortnight away - encourage our children to be the best version of themselves as they prepare for the examinations.
  • Barbara Taljard - congratulates our public speakers in the Senior Primary and reminds parents of the upcoming Grade 7 Entrepreneur Week, and PS Half Term.


Stock Shop - New Uniform purchases

All pupils needing new uniforms for 2017, especially those going in to Grade 1 and Grade 8 please contact the Stock Shop as soon as possible to secure an appointment to kit out your child.


The diary is open and appointments will be available from 1st November. The Stock Shop will be closed from 10th December up until 12th January. The shop is open in January for top ups and last minute purchases only, and as this is a very busy time we ask that you do not leave full uniform purchases until January as we cannot guarantee stock availability.


Please call the Stock Shop on 031 764 8640 / 082 4601 688 during Stock Shop trading times or email us on, and we will get back to you. 



Dont forget to swipe your card at the following retailers to accumulate your School-Days®


Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Hirsch's Hillcrest,,, Tinklepea, Poolware & Service, Durban Computers, Stretta Cafe, Nambiti Hills, Sure Aeroflite Travel, Champagne Sports Resort, Pumula Beach Hotel, Hippo Hideaway, Europcar & Trifin Financial Services - visit to learn more, or to order your card.  Mobile app now available via the following links:

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Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager



The Thomas More Education Trust

The Thomas More Education Trust is an initiative of Thomas More College and works in partnership with the College. The Trust is registered separately as a non-profit (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO) and runs independently of Thomas More College. The Thomas More Education Trust has already seen a number of pupils through Thomas More College and on to tertiary education, as well as a number of teacher interns and assistants.


The objectives of the trust are: 

  • Funding of primary, secondary and/or tertiary education of previously disadvantaged South Africans;

  • Funding of South African teacher internships;

  • Creating a financial conduit through which current pupils of Thomas More College may demonstrate their social responsibility and participate in the general educational upliftment of previously disadvantaged South African communities;

  • Providing short-term financial assistance to deserving pupils of Thomas More College.


The Thomas More Education Trust offers donors an opportunity to become involved in the upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. Donations primarily provide education to previously disadvantaged South African children, but also support Black teacher interns and, in certain selected cases, provide short term financial assistance to existing pupils. The trust is a well-managed, controlled and audited conduit for investment in the future of South Africa through the education of our children.


An investment, made by donors to the Trust, entitles businesses to:

  • A tax deduction;

  • BBBEE points in the Socio-Economic Development category.


Should you wish to support pupils or teacher interns in need, please contact Claudia Levarelli, the Thomas More Education Trust secretary, on (031) 764 8646 or who will furnish you with all necessary info.


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Scripture for the week

Scripture‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’ Matthew 5:8

Jesus constantly points out to us in the Gospels, what is the motivation of our hearts. He is more concerned in what is going on within us than what we outwardly appear. We can hide behind many masks. He wants us to have pure hearts which means ‘unmixed, unadulterated’ like pure water nothing mixed in. In a world that pressures us to conform to its standards we tend to put on masks playing different parts for different occasions. We need to be pure in heart so that we are completely honest in our relationships. Jesus promises us that God will reveal Himself to us. Deception blinds us but the pure in heart will have the eyes to see God.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

Having reported last week that tarring of Pioneer Road was not being completed due to the continuous rains, I was delighted to see the work being finished on Thursday and Friday. Thank you to everyone for the immense patience that you have all shown for many months. Traffic disruptions have been the order of the day and we have all been very irritated at times. Other than a deviation in Willingdon Road, and road markings, pavements and curbs, hopefully the worst is over.

The standard of cultural activities this year has been absolutely amazing in all phases of the school. Shows like Frostbite and Cats were undoubtedly amongst the best productions that I have ever seen at school level. I had feared that with the departure of the Matrics the High School choirs, Vocal Tenacity and Retro Beats would take a big knock. Both performed magnificently without the Matrics at the Cultural Awards on Friday evening. Clearly 2017 is going to be another memorable year on the cultural front.

Having enjoyed a lovely Pre-Primary nativity play last week we can look forward to the Junior Primary Concert on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Another event to diarise is the Carol Service which will be held on Sunday 4th December.


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Soberingly, we are a mere fortnight away from our year-end examinations. Anxiety levels will climb in the coming weeks, and the academic year culminates in these assessments which endeavour to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning across 2016.

You often hear me say that I want our children to feel brave and inspired enough to explore and live the “best versions of themselves”.

Our children are not commodities. Thomas More College should also not be seen as a commodity. Rather, our children should be seen as the diverse individuals they are and are hopefully in a teaching and learning space which stretches and challenges them across all aspects of living (physical, mental, spiritual and social). There is no magic wand based on the premise of spending “private school fees” which turns children into "A" candidates. Not every child is an "A" candidate. I wasn’t.

Thus, for the coming weeks, let’s empower our children to see the best versions of themselves preparing for – and writing – the forthcoming examinations.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

We were very proud of all our pupils who took part in the Public Speaking finals on Thursday. The topics were varied, interesting and entertaining and it was great to see with what poise and confidence they were delivered. This made the adjudicating challenging, as all the pupils spoke so well. Well done to all those winners in each grade and thank you to our adjudicators.

From Tuesday to Thursday this week our Grade 7s will be showing their entrepreneurial skills at break in the area outside the library. This is a stimulating project and one which hones their marketing and business skills and provides pleasure for their pupil and staff customer base. Well done to Mrs Purdon for empowering them to rise to the challenge. There will be a wide variety of stalls, from jewellery and craft items to funky items for younger children and a mouthwatering range of different edible delights and refreshments! Please do give your child a little extra to spend at this market. The JPs will also be given an opportunity to attend with their class teacher. Because of the building operations and the need for the market to be in close proximity to the Grade 7s, this will happen outside the art room and Science lab this year. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are a mirror of life and the choices we make. We can be certain that those who finish strong are the ones who are able to be more positive, accept others more unconditionally, smile more and improve their levels of competence more. We encourage all of our boys and girls in these closing stages of 2016, whether they are on the sport fields or in the classrooms, or in the exam venues, or whether they are participating in award ceremonies, and/or the carol service to give of their absolute best. May they be guided by good decision making, coupled with a gentle heart and a true sense of the Thomas More ethos and spirit. We thus expect them to be on good behaviour, to be disciplined and to wear their hair and uniform correctly with pride. In addition, with so many visitors on our campus, we trust their manners will be raised a notch and we will be monitoring their greetings and courtesy. 

Thank you to all of you who are contributing towards the hampers for our ground and support staff. They do so much for us and it is good to make their Christmas special also and to show our gratitude for all their assistance and support! We also appreciate support for the love boxes for those less fortunate than we are.

Wishing you all the best for another busy, albeit short week ahead. The SP closes at 11:30 on Friday. We hope you enjoy the mid-term break and look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

PS Weekly Achievers


JP Achievers will appear next week - due to lightning damage to certain servers, these were inaccesible this week.



Zoë Bratos - for her diligence and enthusiastic manner in which she approaches her day.


Bethany Steenkamp - for her positive and enthusiastic approach to the new term.


Thando Mngomezulu - for being organised and committed to his homework.


Nicholas Butler - for his good presentation of his Science rock oral as well as his positive start to the new term.


Dayith Naidoo - for his friendly, happy disposition and easy going nature.


Ethan Ferreira - for his willingness to help and his friendly nature.


Miguel de Chasteauneuf - for his positive attitiude and improved effort.


Ethan Gregory - for his happy smile and cheerful nature.


Tapuwa Sibisi - for his bright, sunny nature and positive approach to his school day.


Kira Govender - for a more consistent and focussed approach to her work.


Matthew McMurray - for his good manners and good work ethic.


Matthew Doyle - for his positive approach to the school day.




HS Cultural Achievements

Trinity Guildhall School of Music: Rock & Pop Drumming Exam

Congratulations to the following HS pupils on their musical achievements:

· Rory Camp (Grade 8): Distinction – Grade 3 drumming

· Cameron Buchanan (Grade 9): Pass – Grade 3 drumming

· Kellen Daniels (Grade 9): Distinction – Grade 7 drumming

· Brendan Kuhnert (Grade 9): Merit – Grade 4 drumming

· Daine Ric-Hansen (Grade 10): Distinction – Grade 6 drumming

Congratulations to Kathleen Hill (Grade 12) on receiving an award for her unwavering dedication to stage managing various cultural productions throughout her High School career.

SP Cultural Achievements

Congratulations to Rachel Montague, Mandy Montague and Aimee Maritz for outstanding results in their Trinity College piano exams.

Congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded Cultural Colours, Excellence and Merit:


Leah Allen

Bronwyn Cason

Michaela Kapnias

Julia Leisegang

Jared McArhur

Tanna Petzer

Daena Robb

Rebecca Robb

Melissa Roome

Stephanie Tshuma

Troy van Zyl

Excellence in Frostbite

Rachel Boulle

Hayden Brimelow

Kira Govender

Merit in Frostbite

Melissa Barrett

Emma Beyers

Samuel Daniel

Benjamin Dedekind

Jordan Deeble

Minenhle Dlamini

Matthew Doyle

Zoach du Preez

Liam Gibson

Samuel Haug

Julie-Ann Ireland

Chelsea Layden

Luke Leppan

Danielle Rockey

Alex White


Sporting Achievements

HS House Captains

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been selected as HS House Captains:


House: Matthew Bartlett and Helenke Rossouw

Spirit: Lindiwe Sibisi and Daniel Bentley


House: James Wood and Alexandra Reeves

Spirit: Micha Murray and Rowan Bettany


House: Jason Selley and Kendal Scott-Moncrieff

Spirit: Talia Ballack and Hugo Renard


HS Cricket

TMC 1st Team 198/7 (Matthew 82). Weston 34 all out (Coleman 4/8). TMC won by 164 runs.

St. Henry's U14A 65/7 (Riddle 2/6). TMC U14A 66/2. TMC won by 8 wickets.

St. Henry's U15A 126/7. TMC 58 all out. St. Henry's won by 68 runs.

Glenwood 1st Team 174/5 (Price 3/28) TMC 1st Team 115/7 (Blythen 33). Glenwood won by 59 runs.


HS Girls' Water polo



TMC 1st team 3 DGHS 2

TMC 1st Team 11 Kloof 0


HS Girls' Water Polo

Congratulations to the following girl's who have been selected for the KZN U19B Water Polo Team:

Ashley Harper

Claire Vosters

Hannah Banfield

Kimberly Lerwick


HS Boys' Water polo

TMC U14A 7 Kearsney U14B 7

TMC U15A 1 Kearsney U15B 5

TMC 2nds 9 Kearsney 3rds 3

TMC 1st Team 5 Kearsney 2nds 4

TMC 1st Team 16 Kloof 1st Team 0


Grade 2 Netball Tournament

TMC vs Kloof lost 0-2

TMC vs Atholl Heights drew 0-0

TMC vs Forest View won 1-0


Grade 3 Netball Tournament

TMC 1 vs St. Mary’s drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Atholl Heights lost 0-3

TMC 2 vs St. Mary’s won 1-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs St. Mary’s drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest won 3-0


U9B Cricket vs Hillcrest

TMC won by 12 runs


SP 3rds Cricket vs Atholl Heights

TMPS 81/2 after 20 overs

M. Doyle - 38 not out

Atholl Heights 85 / 2 after 18 overs

Atholl Heights won by 8 wickets


KZN Cricket

Congratulations to Imani Motsoahae on being selected for the KZN U12 Cricket team.  Well done Imani.



Congratulations to Victoria Neff on her recent achievements in Karate:

Graded to Red belt at the Highway JKA Karate Grading session held on 18 October.

Won a bronze medal for Kata, and a gold medal for kumite, at the National Development Championships held in Tongaat on 1 October.

Received a trophy and certificate, and was awarded KwaZulu-Natal Development Colours for Karate under the World Karate Federation in 2016.

Received a certificate and was awarded KwaZulu-Natal Colours for Karate under the Japan Karate Association in 2016.  Well done Victoria.



Congratulations to Ashtyn Cason who took part in the Wilson Mini Masters Series Final Tennis Tournament at Westridge Park.  She won her section by winning all of her 6 matches in the U10 age group.  This gives her automatic entry into a Masters event on 4 December at the Durban Country Club.  Well done Ashtyn.