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 05 September 2016
Newsletter 28
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.


    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson -  extends sincere condolences to the Burnett Family.  Gordon Burnett an Honorary Life member, Trustee and loyal servant to Thomas More College sadly passed away on Sunday morning.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and all who knew Gordon. 
  • Dave Wiggett - looks forward to the High School Play "Cats" which opens next week Tuesday, and congratulates Morgan Lee on winning Best Presenter at the South African Institute of International Affairs.
  • Barbara Taljard - offers guidelines to parents who are dealing with children testing the boundaries/facing difficulties.  Also reminds parents to keep their child's hygeine a priority, especially in the hotter weather.


Lift ClubsLift club

If you would like to join or create a Lift Club email the TMC Lift Club to become a member.  Please note the school does not manage these lift clubs, but rather puts you in touch with other families who are looking to join or create lift clubs.


Waterfall/Hillcrest Bus

Limted seats are available on our Waterfall/Hillcrest Buses (mornings only).  Contact Kim Hooper for further info or click on the link for an application form.


Westville Bus

Contact Mrs Morgan for further info on our Westville bus (mornings and afternoons) or click on the link for an application form. 


Parents' Council

Friday evening, 2 September 2016, saw the latest event on the Thomas More College Parents’ Council calendar, the Mark Banks’ Comedy Evening. The event was well attended and a laughingly lively time was had by all present. Logie Naidoo, Jailoshini Naidoo and Mark Banks had the audience in stitches and the music (Band "Tomorrow’s World") on the evening allowed the crowd to dance the night away. On behalf of the Parents’ Council I would like to once again say a huge thank you to all parents and staff who attended, for their continued support in making the event such a resounding success. Thanks must also go to Pravina Coombs, Rae Griesel and Kim Hooper for their organisation and putting the evening together as well as all those who helped Kerry-Leigh White, Liesl Kriegisch, Michelle Wight and her team with the set up for the evening, including the volunteers who helped with bartending duties and the learners who waited tables in order to earn money for the Nepal Challenge Tour in 2017. We look forward to your continued support at our last event for the year, the Night Racing Evening at Greyville Race Course on Friday 18 November 2016.

TC Chetty

Parents' Council Chairman

Editor Picture

Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager

The Thomas More Education Trust

The Thomas More Education Trust is an initiative of Thomas More College and works in partnership with the College. The Trust is registered separately as a non-profit (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO) and runs independently of Thomas More College. The Thomas More Education Trust has already seen a number of pupils through Thomas More College and on to tertiary education, as well as a number of teacher interns and assistants.


The objectives of the trust are: 

  • Funding of primary, secondary and/or tertiary education of previously disadvantaged South Africans;

  • Funding of South African teacher internships;

  • Creating a financial conduit through which current pupils of Thomas More College may demonstrate their social responsibility and participate in the general educational upliftment of previously disadvantaged South African communities;

  • Providing short-term financial assistance to deserving pupils of Thomas More College.


The Thomas More Education Trust offers donors an opportunity to become involved in the upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. Donations primarily provide education to previously disadvantaged South African children, but also support Black teacher interns and, in certain selected cases, provide short term financial assistance to existing pupils. The trust is a well-managed, controlled and audited conduit for investment in the future of South Africa through the education of our children.


An investment, made by donors to the Trust, entitles businesses to:

  • A tax deduction;

  • BBBEE points in the Socio-Economic Development category.


Should you wish to support pupils or teacher interns in need, please contact Claudia Levarelli, the Thomas More Education Trust secretary, on (031) 764 8646 or who will furnish you with all necessary info.


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Scripture for the week

ScriptureFor this is my blood of the new covenant that is being poured out for many people for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:28

Hanging up the washing the other day I noticed how our daughters school shirts and T-shirts were always stained. No matter what product my wife used (no disrespect to the detergent companies) to wash them with, there was always a stain that was not completely removed. As an analogy it once again reminded me of our spiritual state. We are all stained by sin; we’ve all missed the mark of God’s holy standard. We have as Paul writes in Romans 3:23for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God”. To lesser or greater degree we are all in this boat together. We are separated from God because of our sin.

God has a plan and a way out for us but someone had to pay the price, just as the first Adam brought sin into the world the second Adam – one of the titles of Jesus (1 Corinthian 15:45) paid the price with His blood: “Through Him he also reconciled all things to himself, whether things on earth or things in heaven, thus making peace through the blood of His cross”. God paid the price for our sin and we are reconciled to Him. The condition here is - we have to believe in what Jesus has done for us - our choice.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

It was with much sadness that we heard that long serving Board Member Gordon Burnett passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. Gordon had been totally committed to Thomas More College for over 20 years. He had served on the Board, the Education Trust, the REMCO and the Finance Committee and held the position of Treasurer for over 15 years. Gordon's daughters, Ghita and Bronwyn attended Thomas More College but Gordon continued his involvement for many years after their graduation. Our thought and prayers are with his wife Helen and girls and their families at this tragic time. Gordon's wise counsel and financial skills saw the school through many difficult challenges and we are immensely grateful for all that he did for us. The Memorial Service will take place in the Habberton Hall on Friday afternoon. Details will follow.

The long awaited improvements to the grade 7 block will begin in two weeks. The existing classrooms will be gutted and three additional rooms will be built above them. These additional venues will allow for 3 new specialist rooms and will also create more space in the Great House as we move the room behind reception out. During the construction phase the grade 7's will be relocated to the very pleasant Mackenzie Centre. Construction will take about 6 to 8 months. The Board of Trustees decided at their meeting in August that the new building will be named after Gordon Burnett.

Congratulations to the Parents' Council for an outstanding "Comedy Evening" last Saturday. Over 300 parents were hilariously entertained by Logie Naidoo, Jailoshini Naidoo and Mark Banks. Thank you to convener Privina Coombs, for her meticulous organisation and her team of Rae Griesel, Kim Hooper and Michelle Wight and the Parents' Council members that helped. Thank you also to all those who supported the event. The Parents' Council events contribute to the capital project on campus.

It is only three weeks since staging of the extremely successful Senior Primary play "Frostbite" and we are now only one week away from the High School production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats". Both are extremely demanding to stage and if "Frostbite" is anything to go by, we are in for a real treat. Tickets for "CATS" are selling fast and can be booked on line via the link on the school website. 


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

Excitement mounts as we are but a week away from the opening night of CATS. The staff, cast and crew have been working tirelessly to bring this much-loved, popular musical to life on our stage. Bookings are now open, so please do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate the diverse talents that exist in our school.

I will be away next week attending the SAHISA conference in Cape Town. Not only are the annual Heads’ conferences informative, creative and dynamic, but one is also able to network with many Heads of independent schools from across South Africa. Schools are facing increasing (and new) challenges regularly; there remains a dire need for relevant and purposeful dialogue in education circles.

On the note of a critical need for constructive dialogue in our country, I know you will join me in congratulating Morgan Lee (Grade 12), after winning Best Presenter at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), Morgan attended the SAIIA Young Leaders Conference in JHB. There they drafted a declaration that addressed multiple issues in South Africa such as urban development and rural settlements, water and sanitation, education, gender, food security and agriculture. They were addressed as the youth of South Africa by the international rapper Drake and received the official South African handover of UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report. A dialogue with UNICEF’s South African representative was then held where they focused on solutions to various inequalities. After many hours of negotiations and discussions, often carrying on till midnight, the declaration was finished and it was handed over to Buti Manamela, the Deputy Minister in the presidency in the cabinet room of the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Morgan had the privilege of being chosen to speak in the cabinet room to address the Deputy Minister and present a summary of what the declaration entailed. The declaration was then handed over to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) who will take it with them to the feedback session of COP21 in Paris where it will be analysed as the South African youth’s perspective on global issues. What a remarkable moment for Morgan. Morgan, we are exceptionally proud of you and your work.

In closing, our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Gordon Burnett, a loyal and valuable servant of Thomas More College, after his passing early hours on Sunday morning.  


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Thank you for the support for our civvies day for the SPCA and also to those families who voluntarily donated food towards the upkeep of their animals. Your generosity is appreciated.

Best wishes to our Grade 5s and their teachers for the Egyptian evening tonight in the MacKenzie Centre. Thank you too to all the Grade 5 parents who have put in so much effort into this event. We know the children will have a very special evening – the stuff memories are made of!

As is sometimes the case at this time in the term, we get some children testing authority and pushing boundaries. This can be challenging for parents to handle and may lead to parents following the ‘path of least resistance’ as it is easier than trying to be firm and push through for a better outcome. Zig Ziglar sums it up well: “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, and you do not change your decision to get there.” Here at Thomas More, we so often quote the old North American saying, “Do not prepare the path for your child; rather prepare your child for the path.” Parents may attempt to either cover up for their children, deny the problem or blame others instead of encouraging their own child to take responsibility and to learn from the mistake. When we exercise discipline, and accept accountability for what we do, we grow and become emotionally stronger, which enables us to cope with future problems. When difficulties are faced and managed, the child grows and learns from the experience. If we try to bail them out continually, they will struggle to learn to face their difficulties.

The following guidelines are suggested when your child brings a problem home:

· Listen to your child when he/she discusses a problem and try to guide him/her to solve it rather than you finding the solution for your child.

· Never lose sight of the fact that there may be more than one perspective and that what you are being presented with by your child may not be the whole picture.

· Support the school (within reason). If you revert from this in front of your child, it can break down your child’s trust in his/her teacher and the school and the one who loses ultimately is your child.

· Encourage your child to take the required measures him-or herself. This could be going to a teacher to explain, talking to another child, apologising etc.

May we continue to work closely together as partners in the education of those precious charges entrusted to us! With good discipline and a measure of fun and firmness, together we can provide a fertile ground for developing character and enabling learning.

With the recent hot weather we have been experiencing, please can you assist/ check on your children’s personal hygiene? Deodorant should be worn by a SP child and they can also have roll-ons at school for topping up if necessary. Clean socks, jerseys etc. also help. (At least jerseys etc. will dry quickly and are not always needed so it is a good time for a thorough laundry on school items.) We appreciate your checking that our youngsters are also bathing properly and not just having a quick dip.

I will be away from this coming Sunday, returning to School on Friday, at the ISASA Heads’ conference in Cape Town. Should anything urgent crop up please contact my deputy, Graham Hooper. I will also only be responding to e-mails on my return.

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers



Tristan Clark - for tyring hard in all that he does and for his improved self-control.  Keep it up.


Lauren Bigalke - for working hard in reading and maths activities.  Well done on being responsible and organised.


Senamile Mdlala - for completing an excellent written comprehension and for being a super star helper.  Well done.


Milla Douglas - for working so well on her own in class and saying her part in the class poem with such confidence.  I am so proud of you.


Jared Mallalieu - for trying so hard in our choral verse.  Well done.


Hannah Gillingwater - for her excellent sentences and for introducing our poem with such confidence.  I am so porud of her.


Sascha Junkhun - for her enquiring mind and for the kindness she shows others.


Joshua Fitzpatrick - for his lovely manners and awesome oral, exposing us to a real leopard tortoise, tenrec and king snake.


Cameron Griffin - for contributing well to our choral verse and having a more positive attitude in the classroom.


Keziah Haug - for her improved work pace and her excellent use of vocabulary in her creative writing.


Gosiame Njilio - for her enthusiastic approach towards her school day and for being a kind caring friend.


Brayden Doran - for his excellent results in his recent fraction test.


Jessica Job - for working conscientiously in all subjects and for her kind, caring nature.


Ezra Haug - for producing work of a high standard.


Lou Lou Krumhoff - for her friendly, bubbly nature and always working hard.


Lucca Fuini - for giving of his best on the soccer field.


Kayla Nadauld - for her enthusiasm and drive to do well and her organisational skills.


Jordyn Cheary - for her friendly nature and positive attitude to her school day and all she does.


Julia Butler - for her great effort in Cross Country and her friendly positive approach to life.


Caitlin Chiesman - for her mature, responsible nature and for being a good friend.


Nicolas Segura Sanchez - for his good manners and humble approach to life.



Congratulations to Gubhuza Mlambo, Micaela Fernandes, Casey Venton and Liam Bell for achieving gold certificates in mathletics.  Well done.




Sporting Achievements

Grade 2 Hockey Tournament


TMC1 vs Hillcrest won 3-1

TMC vs Winston Park lost 0-3

TMC 1 vs Forest View won 2-1

TMC 2 vs Kloof won 5-0

TMC 2 vs Hillcrest won 2-0

TMC 2 vs Winston Park won 2-1


TMC 1 vs Northdene won 1-0

TMC 1 vs Kloof drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest won 1-0

TMC 2 vs Kloof lost 0-4

TMC 2 vs Winston Park drew 1-1

TMC 2 vs Highbury 3 lost 0-1

TMC 3 vs Forest View won 3-2

TMC 3 vs Northdene won 3-0

TMC 3 vs Atholl Heights won 3-1


JP Sports Day

Congratulations to Hurley for winning the JP Sports Day.


Cross Country

Congratulations to Dayna Deeble who participated in the KZN trials on Saturday in Newcastle.  She ran really well and placed 12th out of 40 athletes.  Well done Dayna.



Talia Ballack (Grade 11) received honours with distinction for her acrobatics teaching exam and now teaches Junior Acrobatics.



This past weekend saw 12 TMC cyclist compete in the KZN Spur Schools Mountain Bike League, held at Kearsney College. The team had great fun on the trails and produced some good results, with TMC taking all 3 podium places in the Sub junior (U14 boys) category. Travis Stedman 1st, Mitchel Potgieter 2nd and Dean Gregson 3rd - all Gr 8 (pictured right).

Other podium winners were: Anvia Bredenkamp 1st Sprog Girl (Gr 7), Cian Leveridge 1st Youth boys (Gr 10), Tiffany Keep(Gr 10) 1st and Bridget Theunissen(Gr 9) 3rd Youth Girls.  The next race is this Sunday 11 September at Thomas More, all riders welcome.



Reece Abraham represented North Durban at the KZN Athletics Championship and came 1st for the U17 long Jump, 2nd for the U17100m and 3rd for the U17200m. He has qualified to compete in the next round held in Sasolburg later this month, representing KZN. Well done Reece.


SP Girls' Hockey

Correction to last week's results, our girls played Maris Stella and not Kloof.


SP Girls' Hockey vs Curro HCA

U10A 8 - 0 won

U10B 3 - 1 won

U11A 1 - 1 drew

U11B 1 - 0 lost

2nd team 0 - 0 drew

1st team 4 - 1 won


SP Boys' Hockey vs Curro HCA

U10A 1- 3 lost

U10B 2- 5 lost

U10C 6 -0 won

2nd 3- 0 won

1st 0- 0 drew


SP Boys' Hockey vs Highbury

3rd 2- 3 lost (Highbury 4th)


SP Boys' Hockey vs St John's (Zimbabwe)

U12/13 0- 5 lost (mixed) 


5-a-side Soccer Tournament - Northdene

Unfortunately none of our teams made it through to the knock-out stages. However, we would like to congratulate all our boys on their competitiveness on the field and their conduct off the field. Well done.


U10 Girls' Soccer Tournament

TMPS U10A vs Winston Park U10A drew 0-0

Winston Park U10C vs TMPS U10B won 1-0

TMPS U10A vs St Benedict U10A won 2-0

Kainon U10B vs TMPS U10B won 1-0

Ashley U10A vs TMPS U10A won 1-0

Kloof U10B vs TMPS U10B drew 0-0


U11 Girls' Soccer vs Kloof

U10 team 1 won 1 - 0

U10 team 2 drew 1 - 1


U13 Girls' Soccer vs Kloof

U13B won 1 - 0

U13A won 3 - 0


KZN Gala - Beavers Winter Champs

Congratulations to Keira Browning on her recent swimming accomplishments at the KZN Beavers Winter Champs:

2 bronze medals - 50m and 100m freestyle

2 silver medals - 50m butterfly and 100m breastroke

2 gold medals - 50m backstroke and 50m breastroke

Well done Keira.


HS Boys' Soccer

TMC 1st Team 2 Beaulieu 0

TMC U14A 1 Crawford NC 0

TMC U15A 1 Crawford NC 1

TMC U16A 3 Crawford NC 1


HS Girls' Soccer

TMC U14A 3 Ashton 1

TMC U16A 3 Ashton 0

TMC 1st Team 3 Ashton 0

TMC 1st Team 2 Beaulieu 0

TMC U14A 4 Crawford NC 0

TMC U16A 4 Crawford NC 0

TMC 1st Team 2 Crawford NC 0


KZN Girls' Soccer

The following girls’ have been selected for their respective KZN Soccer Squads. They will take part in the final round of trials on Saturday 3rd September.

U19 – Frankie White

U19 – Savanna Daubinet

U19 – Tayla Kymdell

U16 – Tatum Olivier

U16 – Kimberly Lerwick

U15 – Carmen Vicent

U15 – Courtney Sim

U15 – Kayleigh du Toit

U14 – Lola Lee

Well done ladies.


HS Boys' Indoor Hockey

TMC U14A 0 Clifton 12

TMC 1st Team 2 Northwood B 1


HS Girls' Water Polo

TMC U14A 5 Danville 10

TMC U16A 1 Danville 7

TMC 1st Team 8 Danville 4


KZN Girls' Cricket

Congratulations to Kayleigh du Toit who has also been selected (along with Lola Lee - announced last week) for the Girls' U19 Cricket Squad.  Well done Kayleigh.


KZN U15 Duikers Rugby

Congratulations to Cole Miles (3rd consecutive year) and Reece Woodley who have been selected to play for KZN Duikers U15 Rugby team.
Both boys played in the Coca-Cola tournament in Roodepoort (this past weekend), and go on to play against the Provincial sides for the whole October school holiday in Kempton Park, as well as a match against the touring Blue Bulls side on home ground thereafter, and a final against Germany's U15 side who will touring SA. Well done and all the best to both boys.