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 30 May 2016
Newsletter 18
Letter from the Editor

Please find the Scripture for the week here.


    Some points of particular interest in the expanded sections below include:
  • Shane Cuthbertson - dispells the "myth of talent", by referring to success from effort and application.
  • Dave Wiggett - thanks and congratulations to all who took part, and put together a most spectacular Supper & Song.  
  • Barbara Taljard - wishes the Grade 7s well for exams, and shares some further exam stress-busting tips.
  • Deni Hornsey - shares an article on how children learn resilience.


Early Morning Activities - breakfast offer
We are offering an early morning breakfast special @ the coffee shop for pupils, staff & parents:
Egg & Bacon Roll @ R20
Egg & Cheese Roll @ R20
Egg & Bacon Roll with Cappuccino/Hot Chocolate @ R30
Egg & Cheese Roll with Cappuccino/Hot Chocolate @ R30

There will be a clipboard at the take away hatch where you can fill in your order before your early morning activity and we will have your order ready @ 7AM for collection. Orders must be paid for on collection

Editor Picture

Have a great week,
Kim Hooper
Marketing Manager


The Thomas More Education Trust

The Thomas More Education Trust is an initiative of Thomas More College and works in partnership with the College. The Trust is registered separately as a non-profit (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO) and runs independently of Thomas More College. The Thomas More Education Trust has already seen a number of pupils through Thomas More College and on to tertiary education, as well as a number of teacher interns and assistants.


The objectives of the trust are: 

  • Funding of primary, secondary and/or tertiary education of previously disadvantaged South Africans;

  • Funding of South African teacher internships;

  • Creating a financial conduit through which current pupils of Thomas More College may demonstrate their social responsibility and participate in the general educational upliftment of previously disadvantaged South African communities;

  • Providing short-term financial assistance to deserving pupils of Thomas More College.


The Thomas More Education Trust offers donors an opportunity to become involved in the upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. Donations primarily provide education to previously disadvantaged South African children, but also support Black teacher interns and, in certain selected cases, provide short term financial assistance to existing pupils. The trust is a well-managed, controlled and audited conduit for investment in the future of South Africa through the education of our children.


An investment, made by donors to the Trust, entitles businesses to:

  • A tax deduction;

  • BBBEE points in the Socio-Economic Development category.


Should you wish to support pupils or teacher interns in need, please contact Claudia Levarelli, the Thomas More Education Trust secretary, on (031) 764 8646 or who will furnish you with all necessary info.



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Scripture for the week

ScriptureJesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” John 14:6

The other week, my father - in - law had baked a tray of crunchies and had left them on the kitchen counter to cool. When he came back a little while later a whole row plus one was missing. So gathering the usual suspects together he firstly asked my eldest daughter did you take some crunchies and she said yes – one. Then number two daughter (the littlest) was asked, she replied she took one (dramatic pause) row!

Sometimes we can be incredibly economical with the truth. The truth as much as we say we want to hear it, can really be hurtful. The Bible speaks of “speaking the truth in love” Ephesians 4:15, even then when spoken in love, the truth makes us feel offended and indignant that someone may have spoken the truth about one’s life and it seems a bitter pill to swallow. But I find when confronted with the truth I can allow God the Holy Spirt to help and as in John 8:32 Jesus tells us: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Once confronted with the truth we can decide to run from it, fight it or face it. If we face it, we can come before truth itself that is, Jesus, and there we can find His amazing grace to help us to face the truth about our lives.

Shalom (peace)
God bless
Rev. Martin Easson

Whole School News

With the mid-year examinations upon us, my assembly last week dealt with dispelling the “myth of talent” and emphasising the fact that truly successful people get there due to effort and application.

I took Mozart as an example. At the age of six he was composing pieces for the violin and piano – and produced many works before he was ten. Surely this was example of a person who was born with sublime abilities?

Mozart’s father was Leopold Mozart, a famous composer in his own right. He was deeply interested in how music was taught to young children. From the earliest age Mozart was receiving expert instruction. It has been estimated that he had clocked up 3 500 hours of practice before his 6th birthday. He had only been alive for 2 190 days. He had practiced an average of 1.6 hours a day since he was born (including weekends). We can perhaps let him off the first two years as he was probably too small to climb onto the piano stool, and assume he only practised for 4 years. That would make an average of 2.5 hours a day for every day of the year – holidays and weekends included. Mozart is not necessarily an example of talent, but a shining example of devotion and practice.

I mentioned a number of other examples from the world of music and sport with the objective of demonstrating that the biggest challenge that we face is that of application to hard work. We simply need to put in more effort if we want to improve our performance. 


Shane Cuthbertson
Executive Principal

High School News

What a wonderful Thomas More week we have just enjoyed. Despite the looming examinations, our staff and pupils continue to produce excellence on all fronts of school life.

Supper and Song was an unbridled celebration of musical, dancing and acting talent so evident in this school family. The audience’s enjoyment of the items was expressed enthusiastically, and rightly so. The depth and variety of the showcased pieces was inspired. I am so proud of all the performers for “putting themselves out there” for our enjoyment, along with the youngsters managing the staging, lights and sound. Again, I must express my thanks to Mrs Conradie, Mrs Logan and Mr Dove for facilitating this wonderful evening of entertainment.

We also usher in our final week of Winter Sports fixtures after what has been a taxing, successful season on many levels. One constant theme enthuses me about this season: the spirit in which our players represent themselves and our school is exemplary. I have witnessed tremendous courage and character, particularly when playing opposition “better” than ourselves. Our kiddies rise to the occasion with aplomb.

I know you will join me in congratulating Mr Ed Jeffrey, Miss Bianca Joiner and Mrs Leigh-Ann Mckenzie on their completion of the Comrades on Sunday. This is a wonderful achievement!

I want to wish our kiddies calm, clear minds as they head into examinations. As Jack White said, Preparation is Everything.

I wish you all an inspired week ahead.


David Wiggett
High School Headmaster

Primary School News

Well done to all those parents, and staff, who completed the Comrades yesterday!

Tomorrow afternoon is the Cultural Community Showcase in our Habberton Hall which involves music pupils from all phases of the school (choirs, marimbas and recorders). The pupils need to meet their music teachers by 14:30 for the performance which starts at 3pm- for many “young at hearts” from various old age homes, and for the participating pupils’ grandparents. We trust it will be a special afternoon of sharing and caring, and enjoying music across the phases!

Our Grade 7 exams start in earnest on Thursday- in the Mackenzie Centre and we wish them well for this. Here are a few more general exam stress-busting tips:

· Believe in yourself. You wouldn't be in the grade if you didn't have the ability to do it. If you prepare for the exams properly you should do fine, meaning that there is no need to worry excessively.

· Don't try to be perfect. It's great to succeed but keep things in balance. If you think that "anything less than A means failure" then you are creating unnecessary stress for yourself. Do your best but recognise that none of us can be perfect.

· Take steps to overcome problems. If you find you don't understand some of your work, getting stressed out won't help. Instead, take action to address the problem directly by seeing your teacher or getting help from your class mates.

· Don't keep things bottled up. Confiding in someone you trust and who will be supportive is a great way of alleviating stress.

· Keep things in perspective. The exams might seem like the most crucial thing right now, but in the grander scheme of your whole life they are only a small part.

Tips for the exam itself:

· Avoid panic. It's natural to feel some exam nerves prior to the exam, but getting excessively nervous is not helpful as you will not be able to think as clearly.

· The quickest and most effective way of eliminating feelings of stress and panic is to close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths. This calms your whole nervous system. Simultaneously you could give yourself some mental pep-talk by mentally repeating, "I am calm and relaxed" or, "I know I will do fine".

· If your mind goes blank, don't panic as this will make it harder to recall information. Instead, focus on slow, deep breathing for about one minute. If you still can't remember information, move on to another question and return to this question later.

· After the exam, don't spend endless time criticising yourself for where you think you went wrong. Often our own self assessment is too harsh. Congratulate yourself for things you did right, learn from the bits where you know you could have done better, and then move on.

Wishing you all the best for the start of the exams and the week ahead. 


Barbara Taljard
Primary School: Headmistress

Foundation Phase News

It seems that this year is flying by at the rate of knots and before we know it , we will be getting ready for Christmas again!

As we move into the latter part of the term and a more consolidatory approach it is sometimes necessary for us to ask for an assessment of a child to be considered, especially when we can see that the extra input we have tried in the classroom is not yielding the required results. Please understand that this is our way of looking for expert advice when we are trying to put in place the most effective support structures. An assessment will help us as teachers to either confirm or dispel concerns we may have and often directs our methods of teaching or our approach.

We take pride in trying to do the best we can for each child, and an assessment will usually help us to formulate the correct support structures. We do understand that you may not choose to follow our suggestions but please rest assured, we will still continue to do the best we can for your child.

We end this term with reports in both the Pre Primary and the Junior Primary. As we do not have Interviews in this term, please still feel free to discuss progress or concerns with your child’s teacher.

I came across this interesting article, which gives food for thought.

"In early childhood, the most important force shaping the development of qualities such as grit and resilience turns out to be a surprising one: stress." This is the conclusion of Paul Tough in his article, "How Kids Learn Resilience," in The Atlantic (June 2016). He explains...

"On a cognitive level, chronically elevated stress can disrupt the development of ... executive functions: higher order mental abilities... which include working memory, attentional control, and cognitive flexibility [which are exceptionally helpful in navigating unfamiliar situations and processing new information, which is exactly what we ask children to do at school every day....

"For children who grow up without significant experiences of adversity, the skill-development process leading up to kindergarten generally works the way it is supposed to: Calm, consistent, responsive interactions in infancy with parents and other caregivers create neural connections that lay the foundation for a healthy array of attention and concentration skills. Just as early stress sends signals to the nervous system to maintain constant vigilance and prepare for a lifetime of trouble, early warmth and responsiveness send the opposite signals: You're safe; life is going to be fine. Let down your guard; the people around you will protect you and provide for you. Be curious about the world; it's full of fascinating surprises. These messages trigger adaptations in children's brains that allow them to slow down and consider problems and decisions more carefully, to focus their attention for longer periods, and to more willingly trade immediate gratification for promises of long-term benefits."

Enjoy the week ahead.


Deni Hornsey
Foundation Phase:  Headmistress

Academic Achievements

Weekly Achievers



Emily Masson - for a lovely improvement in her 3 letter blending.  Well done my girl.


Amy Marks - for getting SA colours at the SA JKA Karate Championships.  Well done Amy.


Thabani Mthethwa - for improved reading and for doing his best to listen in class.  Well done.


Gabi Rockey - for her positive attitude in the classroom and completing all her work on time.


Ben Goussard - who has worked so very hard this term and is making sound progress in all subjects.


Nomvelo Meyiwa - for her interesting stories. Keep it up.


Rachel Montague - for a positive change in her approach to her work and for taking responsibility for completing daily tasks.


Ziphezinhle Mgidi - for being a super star, blessed with a splendid work ethic.  Thank you for being such a happy, and polite boy at all times.


Lwazi Gumede - for working harder and putting in extra effort to complete tasks neatly and accurately.


Rory Mazery - for her brilliant work ethic and for showing kindness to others.


Rachel Dedekind - for her enthusiastic and diligent approach to her day.


Max Buchan - for his kindness to pupils of visiting schools.


Nikolaos Bratos - for his excellent presentation of his English orals and for always working conscientiously in class.


Aimee Maritz - for beautiful behaviour, neat work and always striving to give of her best.


Erin Simpkins - for her enthusiastic approach to her school day and her diligent work ethic.


James Daniel - for his good manners and positive work ethic.


Taylor Gregson - for her excellent work in English and beautiful drawings.


Shaydyn Venton - for her continued hard work, lovely nature and excellent manners.


Tyla Christie - for her amazing work ethic and focus in the build-up to exams.


Aidan Burns - for his clever sense of humour and his kind nature.


Simon Daniel - for his continuous hard work and good manners.


Congratulations to Daniel Evans who has won his Gold certificate for Mathletics.




Congratulations to Lauren Bigalke, Alessandro Buccimazza, Sarah Clark, Emma Croucamp, Emihle Nonxuba, Sienna Raath, Tara Saint, Isabella Velleman and Sebastian Watson who performed in “Dance for Joy!” as part of the National Creative Arts Youth Festival held at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on 14 May 2016.


Congratulations to Sarah Clark, Emihle Nonxuba, Sienna Raath and Tara Saint have each received attendance certificates for participating in the 2016 Dance Congress hosted by the South African Society for the Advancement of Dancing. 



Jaime Butler and Jemma-Lee Lawrence raised R 1028,00 by selling cupcakes, fudge, peanuts, cool drinks and popcorn on a Golf Course and donated the money to the SPCA…..Wow!!



Sporting Achievements

U9 Rugby vs Winston Park

U9A won 20-15


Grade 1 soccer tournament


TMC 1 vs Hillcrest won 3-0

TMC 1 vs Kloof drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Curro HCA lost 0-1


TMC 1 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs FV drew0-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Hillcrest won 2-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA won 2-1


Grade 2 soccer tournament


TMC 1 vs Curro HCA won 2-0

TMC 1 vs Winston Park won 1-0

TMC 1 vs Winston Park lost 0-1

TMC 1 vs Winston Park won 1-0

TMC 2 vs Winston Park lost 0-1

TMC 2 vs Highbury lost 0-2

TMC 2 vs Highbury drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Highbury drew 0-0

TMC 3 vs Hillcrest won 1-0

TMC 3 vs Curro HCA won 1-0

TMC 3 vs Highbury lost 0-1


TMC 1 vs Atholl Heights drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest drew 0-0


Grade 3 soccer tournament


TMC 1 vs Highbury lost 0-1

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest won 3-0

TMC 1 vs Forest View won 2-1

TMC 2 vs Kloof won 2-0

TMC 2 vs Forest View lost 0-1

TMC 2 vs Winston Park won 2-0


TMC 1 vs Curro HCA drew 1-1

TMC 1 vs Hillcrest won 1-0

TMC 1 vs St. Mary’s drew 1-1

TMC 1 vs Winston Park drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Curro HCA drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Forest View drew 0-0

TMC 2 vs Kloof lost 0-1


Kwasanti Ward Cross Country Trials

Well done to Kai McCormick who came 9th in the ward cross country trials on Friday.



Congratulations to Tyler Jelf (pictured right), who on her new junior horse Northern Pinnacle AKA Cody came 2nd in the 90cm competition round at Wenton Greys show for Coastal Horse Care Unit charity and donated her winnings back to the Coastal Horse Care unit!  Well done Tyler.Tyler Jelf


Equestrian Teams for SA Junior and Pony Rider Champs

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been selected to take part in the Junior and Pony Rider Champs in July.

Tatum Olivier - Junior Open

Kyra Blakeway - Junior Intermediate

Paige Haarhoff - Junior Novice  



Congratulations to Ruby du Plessis who took part in a KZN vaulting competition and was awarded 3rd place and also placed in SANISA. Well done Ruby!



Congratulations to Angela Staples who won a gold medal for Kumite in the Budo Karate-Do Interclub team, and Amy Marks who won 2 gold medals at the KZN JKA Karate Championships and also competed in the SA JKA Championships last weekend where she was awarded National Colours.



Jordan Howes (gold medal) and Joshua Fitzpatrick competed in a Judo competition and were awarded medals.


SP Netball

U10A team lost 5 - 0

U10B team lost 1- 0

U10C team lost 2 - 1

U11A lost 9 - 1

U11B lost 4 - 3

U11C lost 3 - 0

U12 A lost 2 - 4

U12 B drew

2nd team won 10 - 3

1st team won 20 - 8


SP Rugby vs Kloof

U10A won 45 – 5

U10B won 30 – 0

U11 won 21 – 12

2nd Team lost 10 – 14

1st Team lost 0 – 42


KZN Hockey

Congratulations to Josh Hooper on being selected as a non-travelling reserve for the KZN U14 team.  Well done Josh.


HS Netball vs Umhlanga College

TMC U14A 25 Gelofte 15

TMC U15A 30 Gelofte 11

TMC U16B 23 Gelofte 7

TMC U16A 17 Gelofte 19

TMC 2nds 17 Gelofte 12

TMC 1st Team 18 Gelofte 43


HS Boys’ Hockey

TMC U14A 1 Kloof 1

TMC U16A 4 Kloof 0

TMC 1st Team 2 Kloof 1

TMC U14B 2 CLL 1

TMC U14A 1 CLL 1

TMC U16B 0 CLL 0

TMC U16A 3 CLL 2

TMC 1st Team 2 CLL 0

TMC 2nds 0 Curro Hillcrest 1st Team 6


HS Girls’ Hockey

TMC 1st Team 1 DGC 4

TMC U14A 2 Kloof 0

TMC U16A 5 Kloof 0

TMC 2nds 0 Kloof 0

TMC 1stTeam 0 Kloof 3


HS Rugby

TMC U15A 5 Grantleigh 17

TMC 1st Team 31 Grantleigh 21

TMC U14A 15 Curro Hillcrest U14/15A 32

TMC U16A 17 Curro Hillcrest 51